May 31, 2011


Okay, lets get real serious for a second. I many flowers do I need to order? And why don't people RSVP? What is the smallest appropriately sized squared piece of cake I can serve a guest (when the only food that will be there is cake, cake, pies, trifle and cake)? Because I've been drawing diagrams that seem pretty reasonable...(yes, drawing. diagrams. of cakes)
I have spent the past 4 hours sitting and brainstorming all things wedding--and all things wedding budget. I went for my alterations today and they were a tad bit over what I budgeted, but when I ballparked that price, it was based on literally nothing at all (or maybe what I felt like it was worth). So I guess its not too bad to be $40 off since I'm pretty cheap and good at lowballing things.
Things are coming together. We had bought Miles' shoes for the wedding on sale at a department store for $39.99 and neither of us loved them, but we weren't trying to fool ourselves--he's not going to set foot in those shoes again after the wedding day. Then this morning I found a pair where I work that would end up being cheaper with my discount and possibly more wearable after the big day. Things were looking up, and then my brilliant fiance asked if the (somewhat) dressy lace-up boots I had bought him months ago on sale for $5 would work as wedding shoes. And you know what? They will do juuussttt fine! So bam. With the return of those department store shoes, we have evened back out with the $40 extra I spent on alterations. Boom! BOOM! That's how its done.
I will pick up my sister next Friday and haul her back up for maid of honor duty. We get to make the boutonnieres and the pom-poms along with gluing together all my makeshift cake stands.
And I'm sure there is more for us to do...but I'm all weddinged out for now. I just really can't wait. Really. Its so soon! One month and one day away! How can this be!

p.s. I'm about ready for the Nashville cicada invasion to be over. I think there must be one chillin right outside/on my a/c unit because I can hear his chirping (?) loud and clear. And its giving me the heebie-jeebies. 

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  1. AHHHH! those cake stands are AWESOME. i want to know what you're doing with them. share your secret?!

    by the way...this post was quite fun/funny. love you guys....and your budgeting :D


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