May 29, 2011

Hold The Phone, These Aint No Allergies!

Yup. I have a cold. Its practically June and I have a cold. I'm so bummed and also really wanting it to go away before the wedding, obviously. The last time I had a cold I swear it lasted like seven weeks. No good! We have just under five weeks left until the wedding. We're broke as a joke, but at least have all the money we need in savings to pay for all things wedding related in the next month.
Miles insisted on me relaxing in the one air-conditioned room of the apartment while he made dinner. But after coming in about four separate times asking the next step in the cheese dip making process he poked his head in and said, "can you just come and help?" At least he's trying! And really doing a wonderful job for the most part. I am just so useless today, I woke up, went to church, came back home and took a nap. Miles woke me up with lunch in bed. A tuna sandwich in my face. Just how my sore, sick body wants to be awoken. But still, its the sweet, sweet thought that counts. And it wasn't a bad sandwich after I woke up enough to eat it.

Chips and rotel dip are an official go, so I am off to munch and watch more Redbox movies.
I leave with some pictures from our new, possibly favorite, summer hang out. We went there Friday to hear one of Miles' co-workers/boss'(?) bands play at a local marina. On a floating "restaurant" (we probably won't ever go to eat there).
Our friend, Melissa came by too and it was so much fun to finally be able to hang out again. We've all been so busy and hopefully after the wedding we can get back to normal, regular hang times. She is getting married this Saturday in Michigan and we're super, super bummed that we can't make it. 
Also, Miles turns 25 in a week!

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