July 27, 2011

Grunge Sponge

For the past three weeks I have been such a grunge sponge. What is a grunge sponge you may ask? Its basically a person (lets say...a nanny), who is still clean, but very lazy with their appearance. And sponge is the only word I could think of that rhymed to go along with it. I mean, for nine hours a day, five days a week, I am alone in a house with a baby. I have to wear something that I can be comfortable in sitting on the floor, bending over crib rails, swinging the babe on my hip....okay I guess I'm making up ridiculous reasons to wear basically the same clothes every day. Target leggings and flowy tops. And makeup? Why bother when literally no one else is going to see me all day? But right now I am missing a reason to look even remotely cute during the week. I've become such a grunge sponge that I'm afraid I'll forget how to put together an outfit that doesn't consist of leggings.  And summer is my least fave season because no matter what you wear, you're hot and sticky. Summer also makes me want to chop all my hair off again. How do these gorgeous girls with long flowy locks walk around with their hair down? I die. 

Lately I've been longing for fall weather. I love fall. The cool, crisp weather. The incredible colors. The freshness of the air when you walk outside. Being able to walk outside without having a heat stroke.
I know I'll miss the lovely walk from my apartment to my school but as soon as it cools down in Nashy I'm going to load up this baby in her stroller and spend our days in the park across the street. Then I can look fab in the park.

The other day I joined Pinterest and am still getting used to it. I'm not one to browse a million blogs and websites for inspiration. I find the five or so blogs whose owners do all that for me, but since all I have is time these days I am trying to break out of that shell. Here's to the glorious fall season, I'm eagerly awaiting your arrival (you too, winter, I still love you too).

Sorry, this was a terribly vain post. But if you could see what I look like every day, you would understand.

July 23, 2011

Good Grief!

My life is so good. Why don't I always remember how incredibly blessed I am? Why does it take Josh Groban to come on the radio and make me smile and cry and sing at the top of my lungs and feel like the biggest carefree dork and then have an epiphery (Michael Scott style) about my wonderful life? I mean, we all know how much I love me some Josh Groby, but I feel like he shouldn't have that big of an effect on me.
Either way, I am one happy lady today. Miles fixed my car the other day, saving us a lot of money and stress. I mean how lucky am I to have a husband that is smart enough to fix a car? We only have one more task on our list of things we urgently needed to do as a newly married couple. I really love my job (and actually miss the babe's sweet little face today). One of our very best friends is moving back to Nashy after living four hours away for the past year. The three of us are going to see HP in a little while. I put on no eye make-up so that I could freely bawl my eyes out at the end. We're going to a music festival this afternoon and then a marina show tonight. I get to watch the sunset over the lake and enjoy a wonderful evening with my husband and aforementioned best friend. Yes, my life is so good. 

July 22, 2011


Oh my goodness I have been slacking so much...blogging, thank you notes, becoming a chef extraordinaire. I blame it on the Kardashians. For the past two weeks I have been one part newlywed, one part baby watcher and one part vegetable. I have definitely watched more television in these two weeks than in the past 4 years. The other day I realized how serious my problem was...

Yes. That is me double watching Keeping up with the Kardashians (while the babe was sleeping, I'm not a horrible nanny, I promise). I finally caught up with all the episodes today so I feel like I can put a rest to this completely ridiculous obsession. I can also stop unknowingly channeling Khloe when I am home with Miles. Poor husband. 

Other than watching terrible reality shows and crying from laughing so hard while watching 3 Men and a Baby for the first time (diaper changing scene, anyone?)(such a sucker for an easy laugh), this has been what the majority of my days look like:

I can't even deal. This babe is so precious. Yesterday, I took her with me to change my name and get a new license. She screamed and cried the whole car ride but was a perfect little adorable angel when we we're at the social security office and the DMV. Such a little ham! Also, I am totally okay with how nice everyone is to me when I am carrying a baby around.

Tonight, Miles and I are going to try and revive our social life. I mean, not that our socializing with friends was on fire before the wedding, but what little flame we did have has died down to barely a simmer. That analogy was just...amazing (terrible). So heres to going out with friends who are moving away to D.C. in August. Gotta pack in all the hang times we can before that sad, sad day. 
Hopefully we don't fall asleep at the table/bar/party/wherever we are when the clock strikes 9 since that has been our old married couple bed time for the last 15 days. 

July 14, 2011

Wedding Photobooth

Oh my goodness. Dear wedding guests, you were amazing. 

Go here for the rest of the pictures. I am obsessed.

July 13, 2011


Okay, I just realized I used one beach picture about three times. What gives? I don't want to go back and change all det crep so I'll just let you look at it three times. I mean, its pretty...

Miles and I stayed at a resort right outside of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic last week. It was beyond amazing. I lingered on the website a little just now as I linked it and remember, before the wedding how much I hoped the resort was as nice as it looked in the pictures and the huge sigh of relief when Miles and I arrived last week and realized that it was! Ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the lobby, the plaza, the pools, the beach, the [free, upgraded honyemoon] suite, the balcony, the cheap bottle of welcome champagne...

Our days consisted of no wake up alarms, no awareness of time at all unless it was related to being able to eat a certain meal, uncoordinated breakfast buffets, poolside reading, beachside  reading, floating, sunscreen application (and having to purchase not one, but two more bottles of it for ~$30 each at the resort store--seriously? vom), Bohemia beer, cabana lunches, weird themed dinners, conversations about the apartment, about our future, about our hopes, our second ever episode of Modern Family, quoting said episode for the rest of the week, a catamaran excursion to the Blue Lagoon and starfish gazing on a sandbar. 

Miles is such a stud. I mean. In every single picture. Are you kidding me right now, guy? After one particular picture I asked him why he has such cheeky poses sometimes. He asked me (in all seriousness) if I meant "chic". I love that man. 

New Beginnings

I mean. Cliche, right? But really, I don't even know where/how to begin this post!
I am a wife! I have a darling, sweet, precious, patient, thoughtful, loving (I could clearly go on with this list) husband to spend the rest of my life with. 
This week has held a lot of (planned) change. Miles and I still haven't organized everything in the apartment, we definitely either a) need more places to put our clothes or b) need to go through everything for the umpteenth time and have another Goodwill drop off. I'm really going to hold out for the first option until the last possible moment. 
Miles went back to work and I started a new job as a nanny! I get to watch a sweet little 4 month old girl during the weekdays now. When she sleeps (which is like half of the day) I get to indulge in a serious new guilty pleasure--any and every Kardashian related reality tv show. I haven't had cable since I moved to Nashville for college. So for four years I've hardly watched any junk at all. And now I am catching up as if my life depended on it. Watching them makes me wish even more than normal that my family either a) all lived within driving distance of one another or b) had so much money that we could fly to see each other all the time. I'd be fine with first option. Or the second. Or both. 

Khloe just said, "I would do whatever your heart desires. I would do "follow your heart""....

I promise I'll have real posts soon. 

July 11, 2011