July 23, 2011

Good Grief!

My life is so good. Why don't I always remember how incredibly blessed I am? Why does it take Josh Groban to come on the radio and make me smile and cry and sing at the top of my lungs and feel like the biggest carefree dork and then have an epiphery (Michael Scott style) about my wonderful life? I mean, we all know how much I love me some Josh Groby, but I feel like he shouldn't have that big of an effect on me.
Either way, I am one happy lady today. Miles fixed my car the other day, saving us a lot of money and stress. I mean how lucky am I to have a husband that is smart enough to fix a car? We only have one more task on our list of things we urgently needed to do as a newly married couple. I really love my job (and actually miss the babe's sweet little face today). One of our very best friends is moving back to Nashy after living four hours away for the past year. The three of us are going to see HP in a little while. I put on no eye make-up so that I could freely bawl my eyes out at the end. We're going to a music festival this afternoon and then a marina show tonight. I get to watch the sunset over the lake and enjoy a wonderful evening with my husband and aforementioned best friend. Yes, my life is so good. 

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