July 13, 2011

New Beginnings

I mean. Cliche, right? But really, I don't even know where/how to begin this post!
I am a wife! I have a darling, sweet, precious, patient, thoughtful, loving (I could clearly go on with this list) husband to spend the rest of my life with. 
This week has held a lot of (planned) change. Miles and I still haven't organized everything in the apartment, we definitely either a) need more places to put our clothes or b) need to go through everything for the umpteenth time and have another Goodwill drop off. I'm really going to hold out for the first option until the last possible moment. 
Miles went back to work and I started a new job as a nanny! I get to watch a sweet little 4 month old girl during the weekdays now. When she sleeps (which is like half of the day) I get to indulge in a serious new guilty pleasure--any and every Kardashian related reality tv show. I haven't had cable since I moved to Nashville for college. So for four years I've hardly watched any junk at all. And now I am catching up as if my life depended on it. Watching them makes me wish even more than normal that my family either a) all lived within driving distance of one another or b) had so much money that we could fly to see each other all the time. I'd be fine with first option. Or the second. Or both. 

Khloe just said, "I would do whatever your heart desires. I would do "follow your heart""....

I promise I'll have real posts soon. 

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