October 27, 2011

Bored or Boring?

I can't tell if I am just generally bored during the days, or if I have, sadly, become boring...I think its a little bit of both? I have nothing in my life to plan right now. For a little while, I really struggled with that. I had planned our wedding for 15 months, planned my monthly/weekly/semesterly schedule for four years. Juggled multiple jobs, projects, papers, being with Miles, having friends to see, staying up late...And now I watch a baby almost ten hours a day, five days a week. Most of my friends have either moved or have schedules so different from my own that I haven't seen them since either graduation or the wedding. 

I can think about grad school, think about my next job, think about buying a house, think about having babies--but none of that is going to happen any time soon, so theres not much to be done about it. I'm really trying to focus on living in the present. Loving these first few years of being Miles' wife. I've heard from so many (ahem, older) couples that their happiest memories were from when they were poor newlyweds, trying to figure out how to be married, how to be adults...So I don't want to miss these days! I don't want to dream of our future and miss out on how we get there. But I feel like there could be a fine line between being content and being complacent. 

Reel it in, reel it in. I'll admit it, I love Coldplay. People hate on them. Yes, they're so huge, Miles sticks his nose up at them because they don't have guitar solos. But I can't always listen to rock n roll. And I can't help it if this would be my go-to music for any sort of existential experience. It just is, alright? And this song from their new album is so beautiful I could cry. And I feel like its just pour moi.

Slow it down, Bethany. (my mind, not my actions...as discussed throughout this entire post)
Also, that video box just seems so tiny...

October 26, 2011

..Doing what?

I feel like we've been super busy the past few weeks, but I can't actually think of what we've been busy doing..Definitely not capturing any of those busy moments with my phone. Looking through them, I've even cut back on taking baby pictures. Whaaa? So here is what I've been doing lately, according to my phone. Its pretty accurate, I suppose. 

November is so soon. November is the best. This November I turn 23, and a week after that, I get to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of the people I love most in the whole world (and miss my parents at the same time) 
Also in November, we can finally use this Groupon I bought in September  not realizing that I had to select a specific month in which the Groupon could be used (and apparently selected November). Food! Yay!

October 17, 2011

Grad School?

Shmrad Schmool.

I have no idea what to do whenever my nanny gig ends, which could be any time this spring, summer, or another year away. What lovely certainty! I don't know if I should just try my hand at a real world job, or head back and snag another degree for my...degree belt. Because its a little empty right now with just a diploma and a BS in a mildly regretted major. But I'll tell you whats not empty, is our big ole bucket of student loans. To add to that bucket, or not add? Either way, there isn't a whole lot that I can do about it right now. Except for talk to Miles about it all the time. Sorry, boo. 

On another, completely unrelated note..how incredible are s'mores? How am I still surprised each fall season by how much I love them? I wish we had a yard to have a fire pit in. We would have s'mores every single night. One day....one day.

(Image from this website..honestly, I googled s'mores images. Mmmmmm)

October 09, 2011

Mini-golf and Tea Parties

I bought a Groupon for mini-golf and go-karting a while back but we only got around to using it yesterday. Well, half of it at least. The go-kart track was shut down for repairs and I tried not to be too upset since thats really all I had wanted to do out of the two activities. But we still had so much fun playing our round of mini-golf. It took me fifteen swings on the first hole, but after that I wasn't too shabby--I was the only one to get a hole in one! And Miles was sweet enough to gracefully give me a score of just five for that first hole embarrassment. 

Yesterday was almost a perfect day. Miles made us a beautiful breakfast with syrup that has changed my life, the weather was amazing, mini-golf was so enjoyable, our go-kart tickets are good for a year...Our weekly grocery shopping trip was one of the most fun we've ever had-and really, there wasn't anything that was all that different about this particular trip. We were just in wonderful moods, Kroger played all my jams, Miles only stood five-feet away from me as I sang loudly along to Groby (I can't find a post to link to, but we all know how much I love unexpected Josh Groban songs), Lara Fabian and LFO, as opposed to heading to the opposite end of the store and pretending like he isn't married to me. 

However, we went to a "rally" that was supposed to be in support of Miles' company, which is tied up in a confusing customs/wildlife/state politics thing. As Miles put it, we were going so that he could "shake babies and kiss hands" (joke?) with all the right people. But soon after we got there we realized that it was  really just a big ole Tea Party rally. I went from the emotional equivalent of eye rolling, to the emotional equivalent of "oh, dear God", then to the emotional equivalent of feeling every possible negative emotion at once, resulting in tears and sobbing on my part. Stupid t-shirts and obscenely large American flags being waved around is one thing, but the crowds of people cheering at a song with the bottom-line of "when you're in my country, you'd better speak my language" and general rhetoric along the lines of God giving America to white people, is something entirely too much for me.

Needless to say, we left. Miles incredibly mad, but totally level headed, whilst I am bawling my eyes out and the opposite of level headed (in those moments, is it a good thing or a bad thing that I am terrified of confrontation). I mean, how is that real life? I'm still processing everything that happened during the short time we were there. But I know that somehow it has changed and inspired me in a way that reading about/watching on television/hearing on the radio these rallies and ideals could have never changed me. Which I guess made yesterday still a pretty good day. Just not as I would have planned it to be.  

All that to say, here are some pictures from our day. The fun parts. 
Impression of PGA golfers
I know it looks like it, but I didn't make that putt..

October 04, 2011

Date the Husband

On Saturday, Miles and I went to The Smiling Elephant for our early 3 month anniversary date since they're closed on Sundays, which was our actual anniversary. One day off. Not too shabby. But seriously people, the food here is the stuff of dreams. I've finally found a delicious Tom Kha soup. I feel like I could eat it at any given time of my life..and probably crave it just as much. They gave us two spoons. I was not prepared to share. But I did. I did. 


October 03, 2011

I Like These Things (Ahem, Miles)

I am never stumped when it comes to getting Miles a gift--at least I haven't been yet (knock on wood). Get something to do with guitars, or amps, or vinyl, or a western button up, or anything denim. The real gift with denim, is letting him wear every piece at once. As in jeans, button up & jacket. Those days are rare and therefore "special". But I like to believe that he enjoys them that much more because of it. 
But gift buying for me...I can see how it would be a teensy bit hard. So now that it is the month before my birthday (a fact that is blowing my mind), I will begin compiling a list of things to make birthday & Christmas shopping just a 'lil easier. Miles, I was about to type "take notes", but you don't really have to since you can just have this as your reference. 

1. A go-kart date 
2. A Smiling Elephant dinner
3. Sun Garden Riesling
4. A Christmas tree
5. A Christmas tree decorating evening, complete with eggnog, Elf and paper snowflakes
6. Finish the Hunger Games trilogy and quit pretending that you don't like it
7. A night at a fancy Chicago hotel for our February trip
8. A strawberry shortcake cupcake from Gigi's
9. General fuss-making over my 23rd.
10. This print, along with several others from this Etsy shop.