June 30, 2012

Blue Ridge

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And we're off to the Blue Ridge mountains for our anniversary trip. We plan to read, cook meals together, sleep in, watch all of Breaking Bad season 4, read, read and read. Five days of lounging around in our little cabin, leaving the rest of the world behind, is exactly what we need.

June 25, 2012

Real Life

(I am really hoping these photos aren't as wonky as they look in my editing thing.) 

1. The last morning in our apartment. The last time I will look up to this old ceiling
2. Empty living room in the first place we called home.
3. New bedroom, bare walls
4. Our new way home
5. Deliciousness
6. Sink buddies

We haven't unpacked a lot of things at the house yet, since we don't officially own it yet. And I seem to have packed my camera cord somewhere that makes no sense at all, because I can't find it in any sensible boxes. It will take a while for us to find/make a place for everything, but I'll post pictures along the way--as soon as I find that cord!

Miles and I are so happy we hired movers to get all our stuff out of our apartment and into the house. We could never go back to moving everything ourselves again--it was amazing and well worth our money. Once we got everything in the house, the house actually seemed bigger. So far, everything we have fit perfectly. Our bedroom is so cozy and not at all cramped like we were worried it would be. I can't wait to start putting things on the walls and finding/making/buying new furniture for the house. We're planning a little Ikea trip this coming weekend as we head to Georgia for our mountainous getaway. That will be the first of many homey purchasing extravaganzas in the months to come, and I can't wait!! Miles has even taken a liking to The Container Store! Glory, hallelujah! Organizing gives me belly butterflies and I go nutso in that store. I think home ownership will suit us well. We'll finally have something we both love together to buy for! Now if only we could sign those danged closing papers already..

June 23, 2012

Moving Day

We're moving into our house today!! Only, its still not technically our house... We have yet to close, the seller is out of the country--which makes an already complicated ordeal about a million times more complicated. But the end of the month is creeping up and we weren't going to have a place for all our stuff! Thankfully, the seller is allowing us occupancy until all this mess is sorted out. So we're moving! But not really unpacking or settling in, in case something really crazy happens and this whole deal falls apart. Don't stress, right?

This whole process of looking for a house has been completely insane. From the first house we fell in love with having major issues, to sellers raising the asking price of another house just as we were putting together an offer for it, to completely changing up our whole approach and finding this house. We won't be in East Nasty, like we always assumed we would be, we won't have a "big" house that we can grow in to...but we will have everything already renovated from top to bottom, a huuuuge back yard, a wonderful back deck and front porch..I'm excited, y'all. This house will be so good for Miles and I. So good. We constantly talk about projects and gardens and organizers and meals and friends coming over. Right now, we're still stressing' over the ever elusive closing date, trying not to mope when every. single. step. in the closing process takes about 10xs longer than it normally would..

We are starting something new, definitely not the way we would ideally prefer, but starting nonetheless. I am so excited to take this huge step with Miles, we feel so blessed to be able to take this huge step together, and so early in our marriage. Thus begins our Mays Days. Obviously, if you live on a street named Mays, you have to rhyme it with days...This week, house buying (fingers crossed), next week, ANNIVERSARY!

June 19, 2012


I just saw this on Pintrest and it made me so happy/sad. Nobody ruin anything for me, please. I'm waiting for season 5 to come out.

Source: google.com via v e a on Pinterest

Other than me being a complete loser, nothing else is happening right now. We're still waiting to close on the house. Hopefully this week, and moving this weekend--since we'll be out of town next weekend! Cuttin it close, y'all.

June 12, 2012

Record Screech

You know...to a halt? The music is playing and everything is fine (or overwhelming) and then the record screeches and you're like, whaa? Thats me. Probably us, I just haven't spoken to busy, working Miles yet. Our closing date was pushed back a week, the night before we were scheduled to close. As in, last night. 

Its not really anyones fault, per say. We actually originally wanted to close next week, but the seller pushed for the 12th and we didn't really mind. But lo and behold, ya can't get everything mortgagey and appraisally done in 3 weeks! I've been super stressed about packing and having moving nightmares, and sad that we don't get to spend our last week before moving in our apartment (we're dog sitting in the burbs). And now...we'll have that last week in our apartment. Our completely packed apartment. Kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, tv, clothes, internet. I guess I got what I wanted? Less stress, time at the apartment, one last week in Hillsboro Village, one last week walking everywhere...But I still feel a little sense of a wompwomp growing somewhere inside. We'll figure something out. Unpack a few pots and pans, two dishes, two glasses, and maybe the wireless router. We'll have a bigger paycheck under our belts (in our bank?) next week, so I probably won't have nightmares of the movers asking for $5,000 after they've finished their job. This will be good!! It was just unexpected. And very last minute. The lastest minute possible. But this will be good. I will make it so.

And thus, my mental transformation in a paragraph's time.
 image from this amazing blog

June 07, 2012

Pintrest Home

As our closing date quickly approaches, I'm trying to be more excited about making this little house our home, than stressed about the closing/moving/transitioning time period. I tend to...how shall I say, over think situations. It took me a long time to not be annoyed at myself for over thinking on our wedding day and kind of being in a daze the whole weekend as a result of said over thinking. I'm so excited to have a space to make all our own. I kind of refrained from settling all the way into our apartment because I knew the space was temporary. That being said, I think I speak for both of us when I say that we'll really miss that quirky old apartment and living in Hillsboro Village. It will probably be better for our bellies when we don't live within walking distance of some of our favorite eateries.

I went through some of my pins earlier today and got really excited to soon be able to make them a sort of reality in our home, with our stuff. And think we're going to go to Ikea for a hot second when we head to the Georgia mountains for our anniversary trip! The last time I set foot in an Ikea, I was probably 16 years old, awkward, and could care less about decorating and organizing a home. Miles has no idea what he's in for.

Little details, oversized frames, books and vinyl storage, big mirrors, a place for everything, lots of light & lots of love.

June 06, 2012


I don't know that I've ever been so excited for any birthday, ever. Everything awesome went on sale the week before (or the day of) Miles' birthday. So of course I snatched all that awesomeness up. His  eyes and mouth only grew wider with each new gift. I don't think I've ever taken such delight in someone else's elation. And now we get to watch all our tv shows, and get excited about road trips and Ryman nights together! 

A little explanation, only for thangs that need explainin': 
Boo is kind of a geek for planes and trains, so I decided to feed that geekness with twenty-one hours of documentary footage. Snoozefest. The poorly spray painted canvas was inspired by a late night in which I entered our bedroom where Miles was already fast asleep. As I approached the bed, Miles reached out, still dead asleep, and said, "Come here baby, everyone deserves a guitar solo". You better believe I had a silent laughing fit for a good 30 minutes after that. Thus the canvas for our new house, to be hung in his guitar room. And the zoo day is something Miles' has been bugging me for for ages now. I think everything else is kind of explanatory? 

Also, please excuse the half packed, messy apartment. Have I mentioned we're moving? 

We ate at PM with Miles' momma, and a precious little succulent. I'm real obsessed. I can't wait to have tons in our new house! I speak to them in baby voice. As if it wasn't bad enough that I feel compelled to speak to a plant, it has to be in baby voice. Come on, Bethany... The weather was incredible, and I loved sitting out on the patio. I ate way too many fries. We wondered why we try to eat sushi anywhere else. It was such a relaxing evening, a perfect way to end Boo's birthday. I'm excited to continue celebrations on Saturday! Even if its at the zoo and everything smells like poop.


The birthday surprises were a success!! I'll upload some goofy pictures from yesterday and share all that soon. I'm so happy Miles was surprised and loved each gift more than the last (totally planned, dude).

My morning was half errand running, half park sitting. Nanny baby was an (almost) excellent companion. I'll be glad to not have three stories to carry her up and down when we have to take stuff up to and down from our apartment. Phew!

When we finally got to the park, she sat forever just crunching up all the leaves under a huge magnolia tree. I sat, contentedly receiving the baby gift of leaf dust all over my dress and in my hair, enjoying this ah-maaaazing weather. Amazing.

June 05, 2012

Birthday Boy

I know I gush about Miles more than anything else, but you'll have to bear with me today. 

26 years ago, a precious little boy came into this world--maybe a little too early for his little lungs' liking. After 3 weeks, his wee body had grown strong enough to come home. He grew up to play his toy guitar with his dad, love little league and pop warner football, saxophone it up in the band, give his mother grief with his dirt bike racing (and his wife, in retrospect), not walk at his high school graduation, be forced to walk at his college graduation, play his real guitar, buy more guitars, build guitars, marry a girl he met in Bible class, and become the most wonderful husband she could have ever wanted.

Boo, I love you so much. Like, so much. I know you don't like big deals made over your birthday, but I can't help how much I want to celebrate your life and who you are. And I also can't keep my birthday gift secrets very much longer, you better not have snooped--even in your mind (aka, no wondering). You are so amazing and I am so happy that our completely opposite lives came together and are now now together forevvaaaaa.

I also asked Miles' mom to write a little something for his birthday. Since she was there and all...and loved him first:

 We all have heard the saying, "a child is a gift from heaven".  Well, I truly do believe that small phrase is so true.  Miles was not only a gift but a miracle from heaven.      As I look back over the last 26 years, I am so thankful and blessed that the Lord entrusted this wonderful child, now man, to Frank and I.   He brought us both so much joy and laughter.  His dad was so proud when Miles decided to play in the band at school.  A chip off the ole' block!  Miles brought strength to me at a time when no 18 year old should have to shoulder such a burden. But he put his own feelings aside to be strong for his sister and I.  Proud yes, but more blessed everyday as I see him grow into the Godly man and husband he is called to be.

I hope you feel extra loved today, Miles. I've been walking around all morning with the dumbest grin on my face because I'm so happy you were born.

June 01, 2012


Y'all, I am so excited for Miles' birthday. I have the best (within reason) gift ever. I say within reason, because Boo always wants some expensive guitar or amp--and that ain't happenin'. Actually, it already did. He already got his new guitar. So there! Early birthday presents are good and then...not so good when your real bday rolls around and you don't get something amazing. EXCEPT FOR THIS YEAR. 

Now that I've said all this, I will die if he figures it out before Tuesday. So Miles, please don't figure it out. Don't look at anything, anywhere. Not the bank account, not on my computer,  or email, or phone. Don't snoop in the apartment, don't look in my car, don't check the mail. Nothing. I feel like these should be the new birthday/Christmas rules for our family. So now they are. Love youuuu!