June 23, 2012

Moving Day

We're moving into our house today!! Only, its still not technically our house... We have yet to close, the seller is out of the country--which makes an already complicated ordeal about a million times more complicated. But the end of the month is creeping up and we weren't going to have a place for all our stuff! Thankfully, the seller is allowing us occupancy until all this mess is sorted out. So we're moving! But not really unpacking or settling in, in case something really crazy happens and this whole deal falls apart. Don't stress, right?

This whole process of looking for a house has been completely insane. From the first house we fell in love with having major issues, to sellers raising the asking price of another house just as we were putting together an offer for it, to completely changing up our whole approach and finding this house. We won't be in East Nasty, like we always assumed we would be, we won't have a "big" house that we can grow in to...but we will have everything already renovated from top to bottom, a huuuuge back yard, a wonderful back deck and front porch..I'm excited, y'all. This house will be so good for Miles and I. So good. We constantly talk about projects and gardens and organizers and meals and friends coming over. Right now, we're still stressing' over the ever elusive closing date, trying not to mope when every. single. step. in the closing process takes about 10xs longer than it normally would..

We are starting something new, definitely not the way we would ideally prefer, but starting nonetheless. I am so excited to take this huge step with Miles, we feel so blessed to be able to take this huge step together, and so early in our marriage. Thus begins our Mays Days. Obviously, if you live on a street named Mays, you have to rhyme it with days...This week, house buying (fingers crossed), next week, ANNIVERSARY!

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