May 31, 2011


Okay, lets get real serious for a second. I many flowers do I need to order? And why don't people RSVP? What is the smallest appropriately sized squared piece of cake I can serve a guest (when the only food that will be there is cake, cake, pies, trifle and cake)? Because I've been drawing diagrams that seem pretty reasonable...(yes, drawing. diagrams. of cakes)
I have spent the past 4 hours sitting and brainstorming all things wedding--and all things wedding budget. I went for my alterations today and they were a tad bit over what I budgeted, but when I ballparked that price, it was based on literally nothing at all (or maybe what I felt like it was worth). So I guess its not too bad to be $40 off since I'm pretty cheap and good at lowballing things.
Things are coming together. We had bought Miles' shoes for the wedding on sale at a department store for $39.99 and neither of us loved them, but we weren't trying to fool ourselves--he's not going to set foot in those shoes again after the wedding day. Then this morning I found a pair where I work that would end up being cheaper with my discount and possibly more wearable after the big day. Things were looking up, and then my brilliant fiance asked if the (somewhat) dressy lace-up boots I had bought him months ago on sale for $5 would work as wedding shoes. And you know what? They will do juuussttt fine! So bam. With the return of those department store shoes, we have evened back out with the $40 extra I spent on alterations. Boom! BOOM! That's how its done.
I will pick up my sister next Friday and haul her back up for maid of honor duty. We get to make the boutonnieres and the pom-poms along with gluing together all my makeshift cake stands.
And I'm sure there is more for us to do...but I'm all weddinged out for now. I just really can't wait. Really. Its so soon! One month and one day away! How can this be!

p.s. I'm about ready for the Nashville cicada invasion to be over. I think there must be one chillin right outside/on my a/c unit because I can hear his chirping (?) loud and clear. And its giving me the heebie-jeebies. 

May 29, 2011

Hold The Phone, These Aint No Allergies!

Yup. I have a cold. Its practically June and I have a cold. I'm so bummed and also really wanting it to go away before the wedding, obviously. The last time I had a cold I swear it lasted like seven weeks. No good! We have just under five weeks left until the wedding. We're broke as a joke, but at least have all the money we need in savings to pay for all things wedding related in the next month.
Miles insisted on me relaxing in the one air-conditioned room of the apartment while he made dinner. But after coming in about four separate times asking the next step in the cheese dip making process he poked his head in and said, "can you just come and help?" At least he's trying! And really doing a wonderful job for the most part. I am just so useless today, I woke up, went to church, came back home and took a nap. Miles woke me up with lunch in bed. A tuna sandwich in my face. Just how my sore, sick body wants to be awoken. But still, its the sweet, sweet thought that counts. And it wasn't a bad sandwich after I woke up enough to eat it.

Chips and rotel dip are an official go, so I am off to munch and watch more Redbox movies.
I leave with some pictures from our new, possibly favorite, summer hang out. We went there Friday to hear one of Miles' co-workers/boss'(?) bands play at a local marina. On a floating "restaurant" (we probably won't ever go to eat there).
Our friend, Melissa came by too and it was so much fun to finally be able to hang out again. We've all been so busy and hopefully after the wedding we can get back to normal, regular hang times. She is getting married this Saturday in Michigan and we're super, super bummed that we can't make it. 
Also, Miles turns 25 in a week!

May 24, 2011

From That to This...

Miles and I (and my roommate Jennifer) quickly became best friends my first semester of school. We were three goofballs getting running around Nashville doing whatever we pleased.
And now in less than 40 days, I will be marrying that best friend. Doesn't get any better than that!
 Oh wait, yes it does. I came home today to dinner already made and on the table. With a garnish no less!  (Sweet thang put a piece of lettuce in our bowls of pasta. So adorable I could die!)

May 23, 2011

Chicken Salad

Just typing that subject in kind of made me feel queasy. I was super dumb today and I hope I don't suffer the repercussions much longer*. I brought chicken salad to work today for my break and totally forgot to put it in the fridge. So it sat out for a little over 3 hours until I got back to the break room and realized what I had done (or failed to do..). But by that time I was so hungry and I thought surely it would be fine to eat it.

Within about 5 minutes of my break ending my stomach began to hurt. And it only continued to get worse. I just wanted to lie down and sleep it off. No more standing, no more ringing people's purchases up, no more trying to be friendly. So I ask if I can go home and hour early and thankfully my manager (and friend,  phew) let me. I contemplated whether getting into traffic with a not-so-stable stomach was the best thing to do. How terribly gross would it be if I had to vom while driving down the interstate? But whatevs, I did it anyways (looking back, by decision maker must have been missing a screw or something today). I drove to Miles', commandeered his bed and mumbled the ingredients he needed to get for dinner. And some Tums.
He offered to get pasta to make for dinner. I said no. He then offered to "get some beef?" I He then offerend to get "a chicken salad" to which I thought I would definitely vom at the thought of eating more of that devil salad. He said, "not chicken salad. A salad with chicken..."
Then we opted for soup. And by we, I mean I told him I wanted it.

Sweet thang got all the groceries and even began to make dinner himself. He even rubbed my sore back until it felt better, and then rubbed it some more until it hurt again :)
I'm getting a sweet deal in this whole partner for life thing with him. He is the best.

*Not in any gross way. I just hope the mere thought of chicken salad doesn't continue to make me feel sick, because I do lurv it so..

May 22, 2011

Best Present Ever

Miles took me to see Les Misérables this afternoon as part of my graduation present. I am still wandering around my apartment pretending to be Eponine, Cosette, Marius, Jean Valjean...singing to myself and to whatever neighbors can hear me through the walls or down in the courtyard.
Obviously, I loved it. I had tears in my eyes the first 30 minutes and then the rest of the time I sat with one hand up to my heart and he other squeezing Miles' poor fingers to a pulp.

As soon as he left I YouTubed all my favorite 10th anniversary videos. Oh, Michael Ball. Oh, Lea Salonga! I'm going to be on cloud nine for the rest of the week.

My love, you are the best for taking me. Thank youuuuuu
(yes, nosebleed seats--By the time we went to buy tickets all the good seats were taken--even so, the prices were redunnnk.) 

May 12, 2011

The End

I am (essentially) at the end of my undergraduate career. In about two and a half days everything will be official, but right now I am needing a serious pick-me-up and this post is going to attempt to meet that need.

Today actually started off pretty well, I had a job interview and I feel it went really well but am trying not to get my hopes up too much (or dream of how wonderful it will be) in case it doesn't work out. But at the same time I have had a sick feeling in my stomach, the kind of get when I'm about to get out of my comfort zone--even if its to do something I want! I've been in the full-time student/part-time retail bubble for 4 years and I'm so happy I am moving forward, its just also really....real.

But enough of talking about what I am trying to get my mind off 10 things that have made me so happy this week:

1. Jackpot Goodwill finds (see below)
2. This video
3. A friend at work telling me about how she wanted to see this Titanic sequel
4. Same friend having to research to realize it aint forrealz (research on, no less)
5. The related Facebook comments to to "trailer" both before and after her realization
6. Getting called for an interview
7. Interview going really well
8. Finishing school (how is this so low on the list?)
9. Hugs and kisses from my favorite almost-two year old boy
91/2. Hugs and kisses from my favorite almost twenty-five year old boy
10. Burgers

Bonus Happiness: Dad & sister coming to town tomorrow night for my graduation weekend!

May 04, 2011

Another Must See

Seriously. This is one of the sweetest, moving films I have ever seen. I was wrapped up in my blanket, tickled to death as 82-year-old Robert Malone prepared to go on his first date and as he falls in love with his new neighbor. It is the sweetest story of love, friendship and commitment. Its on Netflix's Instant Watch list and definitely now on my must buy DVD list.

I have this creeping suspicion that with school about to be completely over, I will be watching a lot more movies (like I did when I was but a wee Freshman without the faintest idea of the workload I would encounter in the years following my first in college). And hopefully I will also get serious about my "want to read" book list that has grown over the years. My first step to tackling that list is probably going to be compiling all the post-its, notebook papers and scrap sheets that have titles and authors scribbled on them to actually create a list that the rest of the world could recognize. Lists are my thang, so I should get on that asap. Don't worry, I won't spare this blog from any profound readings or enjoyed movies that I encounter. Don't you worry one bit.

May 02, 2011


Tomorrow is my last day of classes EVAR (for a while at least).
I graduate next Saturday and can't wait to see my dad and sister who are coming from Honolulu and Chicago (respectively) to see me probably trip up the stairs before I walk across the stage, shake hands with the Belmont Prez (can I opt to shake the real president's hand instead?) and get my diploma.
I dorkily tried on my cap and gown today right after I got home from picking them up. I was dissatisfied with what I saw in the mirror: an almost exact replica of my high school graduating self (world, are you sure I am an adult now?) The only visible difference between high school graduating Bethany and college graduating Bethany is a longer hair length and in a different color gown. Oh yeah, AND THAT BLING ON MY FINGAA.
After graduation, Miles and I only have 49 days left of not being each other's spouse. Thats whats UP!

And with that, I finish this post with a shout out to all the crickets in the world--for your winged melodies are all I hear each time I try to motivate myself to write the last paper ever of my undergrad career.

(Also I keep tying to scheme to get Miles to take me to see Water for Elephants again but it never seems to pan out...)