May 02, 2011


Tomorrow is my last day of classes EVAR (for a while at least).
I graduate next Saturday and can't wait to see my dad and sister who are coming from Honolulu and Chicago (respectively) to see me probably trip up the stairs before I walk across the stage, shake hands with the Belmont Prez (can I opt to shake the real president's hand instead?) and get my diploma.
I dorkily tried on my cap and gown today right after I got home from picking them up. I was dissatisfied with what I saw in the mirror: an almost exact replica of my high school graduating self (world, are you sure I am an adult now?) The only visible difference between high school graduating Bethany and college graduating Bethany is a longer hair length and in a different color gown. Oh yeah, AND THAT BLING ON MY FINGAA.
After graduation, Miles and I only have 49 days left of not being each other's spouse. Thats whats UP!

And with that, I finish this post with a shout out to all the crickets in the world--for your winged melodies are all I hear each time I try to motivate myself to write the last paper ever of my undergrad career.

(Also I keep tying to scheme to get Miles to take me to see Water for Elephants again but it never seems to pan out...)

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