May 23, 2011

Chicken Salad

Just typing that subject in kind of made me feel queasy. I was super dumb today and I hope I don't suffer the repercussions much longer*. I brought chicken salad to work today for my break and totally forgot to put it in the fridge. So it sat out for a little over 3 hours until I got back to the break room and realized what I had done (or failed to do..). But by that time I was so hungry and I thought surely it would be fine to eat it.

Within about 5 minutes of my break ending my stomach began to hurt. And it only continued to get worse. I just wanted to lie down and sleep it off. No more standing, no more ringing people's purchases up, no more trying to be friendly. So I ask if I can go home and hour early and thankfully my manager (and friend,  phew) let me. I contemplated whether getting into traffic with a not-so-stable stomach was the best thing to do. How terribly gross would it be if I had to vom while driving down the interstate? But whatevs, I did it anyways (looking back, by decision maker must have been missing a screw or something today). I drove to Miles', commandeered his bed and mumbled the ingredients he needed to get for dinner. And some Tums.
He offered to get pasta to make for dinner. I said no. He then offered to "get some beef?" I He then offerend to get "a chicken salad" to which I thought I would definitely vom at the thought of eating more of that devil salad. He said, "not chicken salad. A salad with chicken..."
Then we opted for soup. And by we, I mean I told him I wanted it.

Sweet thang got all the groceries and even began to make dinner himself. He even rubbed my sore back until it felt better, and then rubbed it some more until it hurt again :)
I'm getting a sweet deal in this whole partner for life thing with him. He is the best.

*Not in any gross way. I just hope the mere thought of chicken salad doesn't continue to make me feel sick, because I do lurv it so..


  1. Omg... This. Is. PRECIOUS! I LOVE that you're gonna be my sister-in-law!!!

  2. I love that you put "get some beef" in quotes. That's my kind of humor.


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