May 04, 2011

Another Must See

Seriously. This is one of the sweetest, moving films I have ever seen. I was wrapped up in my blanket, tickled to death as 82-year-old Robert Malone prepared to go on his first date and as he falls in love with his new neighbor. It is the sweetest story of love, friendship and commitment. Its on Netflix's Instant Watch list and definitely now on my must buy DVD list.

I have this creeping suspicion that with school about to be completely over, I will be watching a lot more movies (like I did when I was but a wee Freshman without the faintest idea of the workload I would encounter in the years following my first in college). And hopefully I will also get serious about my "want to read" book list that has grown over the years. My first step to tackling that list is probably going to be compiling all the post-its, notebook papers and scrap sheets that have titles and authors scribbled on them to actually create a list that the rest of the world could recognize. Lists are my thang, so I should get on that asap. Don't worry, I won't spare this blog from any profound readings or enjoyed movies that I encounter. Don't you worry one bit.

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