May 22, 2011

Best Present Ever

Miles took me to see Les Misérables this afternoon as part of my graduation present. I am still wandering around my apartment pretending to be Eponine, Cosette, Marius, Jean Valjean...singing to myself and to whatever neighbors can hear me through the walls or down in the courtyard.
Obviously, I loved it. I had tears in my eyes the first 30 minutes and then the rest of the time I sat with one hand up to my heart and he other squeezing Miles' poor fingers to a pulp.

As soon as he left I YouTubed all my favorite 10th anniversary videos. Oh, Michael Ball. Oh, Lea Salonga! I'm going to be on cloud nine for the rest of the week.

My love, you are the best for taking me. Thank youuuuuu
(yes, nosebleed seats--By the time we went to buy tickets all the good seats were taken--even so, the prices were redunnnk.) 

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