February 20, 2011

Loveless Sunday

Today was actually pretty full of love, a long wait for our table and tons of biscuits made from scratch. 
Miles is going to be thrilled that I am sharing this picture. 


This is what we look like when we wait almost 2 hours for a table at Loveless Cafe on a Sunday afternoon. We took tons of completely normal pictures today too, but of course this one takes the cake.
Today was wonderful. This whole weekend was so perfect I can hardly believe it. Miles and I are complete dorks. 

Hopefully I'll get a chance later on to sit down and share some more pictures from this weekend, but for now I am going to turn on my fan to drown out the ambulances that will inevitably race by tonight (to the hospital 2 blocks down) and cuddle up with my duvet.

February 15, 2011

Our Perfected Valentine's

When I opened my Valentine presents  to find a new iPhone case (I hated how chunky my *one month* old case was, and envied Miles' sleek and suave case) and my new fave movie, The Young Victoria, Miles asked if I wanted to watch the movie before dinner. He knows me so well. But we were on a tight schedule as he goes to bed ridiculously early during the week, since he has to be at work in the wee mornin hours. So instead of going the traditional route, we ordered carry out from our favorite little Italian place and picked up a bottle of wine--all dressed up in our snazzy date clothes.

We watched my new dvd and Miles sweetly sat through my exclamations of love for Emily Blunt, whoever played Prince Edward, the music, the dresses, the script, etc. I actually loved everything about our night. I think we've found a new Valentine's tradition! We've tried the whole battle-for-a-reservation/table and the lets-stay-in-and-cook-the-most-amazing-dinner-ourselves dealy. And even though I felt a little silly picking up our dinner in heels, it was such a special night.

Miles is truly my best friend and never fails to make me laugh (especially when he isn't trying to). I love how he "wrapped" my presents in big red bag and a package of Valentiney tissue paper. He basically unfolded all of the tissue paper as it came in the package, put my presents inside, then folded all the tissue paper back up over it. All 30-odd sheets. He bought me a joke card that said "Will you be my..." on the front, and "love slave?" on the inside. He signed it "HAHAHA I LOVE YOU!" And I loved it. (Along with the super sweet note that he also placed in the card). He also began to write something on the back of the card, and apparently didn't like it--so instead of crossing it out, or even using white-out, he just ripped the section of wording out from the back of the card. It was a pretty big section too. But I loved it! And I love him.

He liked my wrapping job (mentioned previously), and loved the boots I got him...and loved them even more when I told him I bought them for $5! (Originally priced $140) We definitely high-fived.
Straight up, Miles is the best and I can't wait for all the Valentine's, birthdays, Christmases, Thanksgivings, July 2nds (anniversaries) and all the wonderfully regular days in between.

I took pictures, but they all came out weird and fuzzy...Which makes me sad, since I think it is a result of me dropping my phone in the toilet, like a complete doofus, last week. Maybe we just didn't have good light? (pleeeaaseee)

February 14, 2011

You're Extremely Hot

Miles and I have never gone all out for Valentine's, as far as we're concerned its just an excuse for us to know we're going on a date and getting to spend time together. Last year, Miles bought me tickets to see Sondre Lerche the day before Valentine's and I actually got to meet him after the show! I was a major dork, but I'm so happy I didn't wimp out--and that Miles consented to taking a picture of us. He's always super embarrassed when I shove my camera/phone in his hand and request a photo to be taken. 

I got this little treat in my email today. Not from anyone, just a subscription...but it still made me smile all the same. 

I don't know what we're doing tonight, I am in charge of deciding where we eat...nothing has come to mind. Last night, I went to wrap Miles' present and discovered I had absolutely nothing to wrap it in...not that he cares at all, I was just in a wrapping mood. So I took one of the million Urban Outfitters bags that I have* and turned it into this:
I cut the straps off and the bag open then used it as my paper and ribbon/love letter holder. I'm pretty proud of how good my resourcefulness ended up looking. I am hoping Miles notices it, even for a second. I'm sure I'll make a point to mention it tonight :)

This is my last Valentine's spent not as Miles' wife. Excitingg!!!! (Weird/Cray-cray!!)

* since it is, after all, my place of work and I always seem to come home with one, even if it just holds my empty lunch containers

February 08, 2011

I mean...seriously?

Why are flowers so expensive? 
I mean yes, these are beaaauutiful. But come on. They're going to die. 
I read on a wedding blog where someone went by their farmer's market before the wedding and bought all their flowers there. I looove this idea, especially since I don't really want that many flowers in the wedding to begin with and I want something like this:

and maaaaybe something like these:

(on another note, I was absolutely OBSESSED with this girl's dress above. I remember searching for a name, style number, anything that would lead me to finding one for myself. Alas, it wasn't meant to be) (I like mine just fine now :)

I am super proud of the way we've worked with our teeny-tiny wedding budget and I refuse to break the bank on flowers. I mean...seriously. So the farmer's market deal sounds like a) so much fun and b) way cheaper than ordering boxes and boxes of these dumb thangz. But the planner inside of me kind of starts to get queasy at the thought of banking everything on what the farmer's may or may not have when I visit said market. I don't want a ton of flowers, but I don't want my little carefree, money-saving plan to leave me without a single petal to our little wedding's name*. 

p.s. I have no idea where these pictures are originally from. Its kind of absurd how many saved photos I have in my "wedding" folder on my desktop from all the blogs I've been reading since last March. (okay...maybe I started to look at them before we got engaged then..shut it) 
purpose of this post script? Please don't lock me away forever for posting these pictures! They aren't mine! I'm just sharing the inspiration. But they were probably from either oncewed.com or greenweddingshoes.com...
p.p.s. what person with the authority to lock me away would be reading this blog anyways?
*p.p.p.s. we don't really have a name for our wedding. other than "wedding", nor do we have a theme. Whenever someone asks us what our theme is we just stare blankly at each other. When we hear what other people's themes are we're like, oh that makes total sense! But we can't transfer that "sense" to compiling all our wedding stuff together into one theme. We're just special, in a kind of pitiful way...

February 06, 2011


Apparently, I am marrying a buttered toast hoarder. 

February 02, 2011

5 Months

In exactly five months I will be married to the most incredible, funny, kind, caring man that I know. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my most favorite person.

For already being engaged eleven months, and having that time seemingly fly by I am totally excited/anxious for the next five to pass me by in a blink. I'm excited for obvious reasons--I want to marry my boo, duh. I am also anxious to have everything done at the appropriate times. I would love to only be planning my wedding, that would be a cinch! But I also have to make sure I am still doing everything as far as school goes in order to finish my classes and graduate in May! Having two major life events happen within a few months of each other can seem kind of daunting at times, especially when my head and my heart just want to think and dream about weddings all day every day.

I met with our photographer today to talk about and schedule our engagement shoot, wedding day photos and to go over the designs for our invitations. I am so incredibly happy with what Cassie came up with for our invitations. They are so simple and perfect and exactly what I had hoped for...and more! All I wanted to do this afternoon was sit and stare at the invitations and let the reality of sending these out to our guests in under two months settle in. I've gotten so used to being engaged and having a far off wedding date that each new step that we take to come closer to our wedding is like a huge, wonderful jolt of excitement (and a wake-up call "hay gur, July ain't that far away").

Everyone should check Cassie out here, I'm so excited that we get to work with her!