February 08, 2011

I mean...seriously?

Why are flowers so expensive? 
I mean yes, these are beaaauutiful. But come on. They're going to die. 
I read on a wedding blog where someone went by their farmer's market before the wedding and bought all their flowers there. I looove this idea, especially since I don't really want that many flowers in the wedding to begin with and I want something like this:

and maaaaybe something like these:

(on another note, I was absolutely OBSESSED with this girl's dress above. I remember searching for a name, style number, anything that would lead me to finding one for myself. Alas, it wasn't meant to be) (I like mine just fine now :)

I am super proud of the way we've worked with our teeny-tiny wedding budget and I refuse to break the bank on flowers. I mean...seriously. So the farmer's market deal sounds like a) so much fun and b) way cheaper than ordering boxes and boxes of these dumb thangz. But the planner inside of me kind of starts to get queasy at the thought of banking everything on what the farmer's may or may not have when I visit said market. I don't want a ton of flowers, but I don't want my little carefree, money-saving plan to leave me without a single petal to our little wedding's name*. 

p.s. I have no idea where these pictures are originally from. Its kind of absurd how many saved photos I have in my "wedding" folder on my desktop from all the blogs I've been reading since last March. (okay...maybe I started to look at them before we got engaged then..shut it) 
purpose of this post script? Please don't lock me away forever for posting these pictures! They aren't mine! I'm just sharing the inspiration. But they were probably from either oncewed.com or greenweddingshoes.com...
p.p.s. what person with the authority to lock me away would be reading this blog anyways?
*p.p.p.s. we don't really have a name for our wedding. other than "wedding", nor do we have a theme. Whenever someone asks us what our theme is we just stare blankly at each other. When we hear what other people's themes are we're like, oh that makes total sense! But we can't transfer that "sense" to compiling all our wedding stuff together into one theme. We're just special, in a kind of pitiful way...

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