February 15, 2011

Our Perfected Valentine's

When I opened my Valentine presents  to find a new iPhone case (I hated how chunky my *one month* old case was, and envied Miles' sleek and suave case) and my new fave movie, The Young Victoria, Miles asked if I wanted to watch the movie before dinner. He knows me so well. But we were on a tight schedule as he goes to bed ridiculously early during the week, since he has to be at work in the wee mornin hours. So instead of going the traditional route, we ordered carry out from our favorite little Italian place and picked up a bottle of wine--all dressed up in our snazzy date clothes.

We watched my new dvd and Miles sweetly sat through my exclamations of love for Emily Blunt, whoever played Prince Edward, the music, the dresses, the script, etc. I actually loved everything about our night. I think we've found a new Valentine's tradition! We've tried the whole battle-for-a-reservation/table and the lets-stay-in-and-cook-the-most-amazing-dinner-ourselves dealy. And even though I felt a little silly picking up our dinner in heels, it was such a special night.

Miles is truly my best friend and never fails to make me laugh (especially when he isn't trying to). I love how he "wrapped" my presents in big red bag and a package of Valentiney tissue paper. He basically unfolded all of the tissue paper as it came in the package, put my presents inside, then folded all the tissue paper back up over it. All 30-odd sheets. He bought me a joke card that said "Will you be my..." on the front, and "love slave?" on the inside. He signed it "HAHAHA I LOVE YOU!" And I loved it. (Along with the super sweet note that he also placed in the card). He also began to write something on the back of the card, and apparently didn't like it--so instead of crossing it out, or even using white-out, he just ripped the section of wording out from the back of the card. It was a pretty big section too. But I loved it! And I love him.

He liked my wrapping job (mentioned previously), and loved the boots I got him...and loved them even more when I told him I bought them for $5! (Originally priced $140) We definitely high-fived.
Straight up, Miles is the best and I can't wait for all the Valentine's, birthdays, Christmases, Thanksgivings, July 2nds (anniversaries) and all the wonderfully regular days in between.

I took pictures, but they all came out weird and fuzzy...Which makes me sad, since I think it is a result of me dropping my phone in the toilet, like a complete doofus, last week. Maybe we just didn't have good light? (pleeeaaseee)

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