February 02, 2011

5 Months

In exactly five months I will be married to the most incredible, funny, kind, caring man that I know. I can't wait to spend the rest of my life with my most favorite person.

For already being engaged eleven months, and having that time seemingly fly by I am totally excited/anxious for the next five to pass me by in a blink. I'm excited for obvious reasons--I want to marry my boo, duh. I am also anxious to have everything done at the appropriate times. I would love to only be planning my wedding, that would be a cinch! But I also have to make sure I am still doing everything as far as school goes in order to finish my classes and graduate in May! Having two major life events happen within a few months of each other can seem kind of daunting at times, especially when my head and my heart just want to think and dream about weddings all day every day.

I met with our photographer today to talk about and schedule our engagement shoot, wedding day photos and to go over the designs for our invitations. I am so incredibly happy with what Cassie came up with for our invitations. They are so simple and perfect and exactly what I had hoped for...and more! All I wanted to do this afternoon was sit and stare at the invitations and let the reality of sending these out to our guests in under two months settle in. I've gotten so used to being engaged and having a far off wedding date that each new step that we take to come closer to our wedding is like a huge, wonderful jolt of excitement (and a wake-up call "hay gur, July ain't that far away").

Everyone should check Cassie out here, I'm so excited that we get to work with her!

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