February 14, 2011

You're Extremely Hot

Miles and I have never gone all out for Valentine's, as far as we're concerned its just an excuse for us to know we're going on a date and getting to spend time together. Last year, Miles bought me tickets to see Sondre Lerche the day before Valentine's and I actually got to meet him after the show! I was a major dork, but I'm so happy I didn't wimp out--and that Miles consented to taking a picture of us. He's always super embarrassed when I shove my camera/phone in his hand and request a photo to be taken. 

I got this little treat in my email today. Not from anyone, just a subscription...but it still made me smile all the same. 

I don't know what we're doing tonight, I am in charge of deciding where we eat...nothing has come to mind. Last night, I went to wrap Miles' present and discovered I had absolutely nothing to wrap it in...not that he cares at all, I was just in a wrapping mood. So I took one of the million Urban Outfitters bags that I have* and turned it into this:
I cut the straps off and the bag open then used it as my paper and ribbon/love letter holder. I'm pretty proud of how good my resourcefulness ended up looking. I am hoping Miles notices it, even for a second. I'm sure I'll make a point to mention it tonight :)

This is my last Valentine's spent not as Miles' wife. Excitingg!!!! (Weird/Cray-cray!!)

* since it is, after all, my place of work and I always seem to come home with one, even if it just holds my empty lunch containers

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