March 30, 2011


We are getting a disc of all our engagement photos soon, but our photographer went ahead and put them all up on a website for our viewing pleasure (actually pronounced pleaseaur, preferably with a snooty voice). I am in lovee with them. I can't wait to get our discs so I don't have to wait on my crappy internet to (never) work when I want to look at them for hours. I mean...I can't print all  of them.....but I might. And carry them around in my wallet? Note to self: get bigger wallet. Another note to self: never-mind, thats what the photo section of my iPhone is for...

(Learning to skip a rock)

(After almost pelting photographer with aforementioned rock)

One thing I realized after looking through our engagement pictures was how far I have to stretch my neck to get to Miles' face in order to kiss him. And I was wearing heels in all these pictures! Kissing him is such a chore, I don't know how I'll ever survive years of that :)                          (happily)

Dear Miles,
Dang son, you so tallllll!
Sho 'nuff,

March 27, 2011


I was in such a pitiful/grumpy/sleepy mood today I feel bad that Miles had to hang out with me. But at the end of running all of our errands he took me to Sweet Cece's to try and cheer me up. It half-worked (seriously, I was such a major bummer today). But boy, oh boy do I have a sweet man.

I don't know what I would do without Miles' patience and constant forgiveness for my crabbiness. 
I really hope I'm not getting sick or something. After about 3PM every afternoon this past week I have been hit by a huge wall of tired that just makes the rest of my day completely miserable. 

Poor Miles had do deal with my super short temper and my lost sense of humor last night as we began labeling all our invitation envelopes. I think I've mentioned before that we're going the DIY/simple/easy/cheap route for our wedding. So we've printed all the address labels ourselves--I definitely made that more difficult than necessary. But now I am working on printing our invitations and rsvp postcards myself and it is proving to be a little more taxing and time consuming than I had planned on. My evening has been spent coaxing the printer into printing everything in black ink and not red...(??)

I really hope I can finish all this tomorrow--but it will take a (Christmas) miracle for all technologies and ink cartridges to join together for the good of inviting people to our wedding. And probably a ton of bugging my roommate (soon to be courtyard neighbor--moving date: Fridaaayyy). I think tomorrow I will skip (aka-drag myself through the rain) down a few blocks to the post office to get a billion stamps for all these envelopes. I hope they have rolls and rolls of stamps with pictures of kittens in baskets of yarn or baby ducks dressed up construction gear. That would add the perfect touch to our invitations.

March 21, 2011

Its A Christmas Miracle!

Maybe just a First-Day-Of-Spring miracle. But a miracle nonetheless. Our photographer is basically the best. No lie. I cannot wait to see the rest of our photos. Cassie was so amazing to post these (and a few more) for us less than 24 hours after our shoot yesterday!

March 20, 2011

Not A Lot To Work With

This afternoon Miles and I went to a park for our engagement shoot session. Our wonderful photographer and her assistant were totally patient with us (mostly me) as we got over being awkward in front of the camera. And by "awkward" I mean "serious"--as in no funny faces allowed. You see, about 99% of the pictures Miles and I have together are a little something like this:
We hardly have any serious pictures of the both of us. Which is fine with me for the most part...except I think we should at least have a few grown-up, serious pictures on our wedding day, so this was just practice. I'm totally confident in Miles' ability to look super handsome for the camera--but as soon as I see that lens pointing in my direction I revert to dork mode and the results a generally what you see above. My mom even gave up having a normal picture of her three children this Christmas, apparently its in our blood.

So here's to our photographer being able to salvage some pictures from our afternoon together. She said we did wonderfully--but Miles thinks she has to say that to be nice. Whatevs, we had fun and I'm excited to see everything. Sneak peek in a couple of days, then we'll get the rest in a couple of weeks. The suspense may kill me, or I may forget about them tomorrow...

March 16, 2011

First Furniture

Yesterday, Miles and I bought two amazing pieces for our new home. We signed a lease last week for an apartment across the courtyard from my current one. We are super excited about it! I'm moving in in just over two weeks--not stressful at all. Granted, we already have basic furniture bought and sitting in Miles' mom's garage...these two pieces are just the first ones that were bought with a specific place in mind.

A Wurlitzer organ : $38 (and it totally works..)

Table with record player inside: $12 (record player working status yet to be determined)

We also picked out paint colors for our living room and bathroom. Right now, our teeny bathroom walls and ceiling are painted glossy baby blue. Its so awful. Mostly because of the gloss. 

I'm sure there will be a ton of posts to come about this new place that will become our first home, the place we really learn how to be married to one another, where we eat good (maybe bad...and probably sometimes burnt) homemade foods, where we watch tons of movies, and laugh a lot, and come to unwind together at the end of a long day.

March 14, 2011

Nerd Break

So this was my last spring break and how did I spend it? (One might ask..) How about only a few hours of wedding stuff...a few more hours getting lost on Capitol Hill earlier in the week, then the last four days or so almost completely holed up in my bed reading these:

Well...just the last two. I read The Hunger Games for a class maybe a month ago and couldn't wait for a chance to read the other two. Last week was my chance, and I certainly didn't miss it. I couldn't put them down! And when work or Miles (whom I do not equate with work) required my attention to be elsewhere--I'm ashamed to say I didn't fully carry out that requirement. All I could think of was what would happen next or when I could climb back into my nerd cave and get back to my book.

Only now that I have finished the trilogy, am I fully realizing how much I have been/still am geeking out over these books. One of my friends just finished Catching Fire and started Mockingjay today, so we are both obsessing together. But I think I may be taking mine a little too far. Pre-casting everyone in my head...missing these blasted characters when I really do have plenty of wonderful, real people in my life right now.

But I mean I guess thats a good book, right? Good books are just so good.

Dear family, friends, wedding and especially Miles--I'm sorry I've been totally AWOL the past few days. I am back! But maybe only to talk your ears off about these books.... 

March 07, 2011

One Year Down

It has been exactly one year since my VBF (very best friend) asked me to marry him. At first I thought he was fake asking, as he had been for a while by then. So he had to ask me several times before I got it. (I told him that was going to happen if he didn't stop fake asking me---the boy who cried "marry me"). 

We took only about four pictures while we were at the park, we were so excited we forgot to take more. I definitely wish we had....

Dear Miles,
Hey there. Thanks for asking me to marry you. That was pretty awesome. I can't believe its been a year already. People weren't lying when they told us it would fly by. Now we gots ta get this wedding furrealz put together and get on with our married selves!
Your VBF
p.s. I'm really happy we go back to our park all the time, even if we can't remember which tree we became fianc├ęs under...I told you we should have carved our initials into the trunk!

I can't wait to be your wiffeeeeeyyyy 

Oh, Internet Memory Lane

Tonight I spent about 2 hours looking at different honeymoon options. But really....accomplished nothing at all. I also updated my instant watch queue on Netflix and decided that I am just going to spend my entire spring break on my bed watching le movies. I can't afford to do anything else (whomp whomp).

But by far the most entertaining portion of my loser night alone was clicking the "view friendship" on Miles and I's Facebook posts. I went all the way back to our first comments. Some of them I remember so well, and others I have no idea what we were talking about. For the first 4 months of our friendship, all our comments were quotes from The Office. Because thats basically all we talked about/did together--no lie, The Office is the only reason Miles and I were ever friends to begin with. So I think we're still holding on to that show for old time's sake--even though we both know there are way better/funnier things out there.

We became best friends over silly things like this:

Theeennnn best friends began to date...

Reading through all these short, awkward conversations just made me want to call Miles and talk about how dorky we both were. Then I thought about it and we definitely are still huge dorks.
Example: today I made Miles watch The Ring again, just so he wouldn't go around telling people its the scariest movie of all time (because it definitely isn't)(and he definitely used to do that)(but after today--no more!). All he had were memories from almost 10 years ago and being a scaredy little high-schooler. I mean, mission accomplished when we finished the movie. Obviously. It makes no sense at all (the movie....and Miles' deep fear of watching it again).

We're going to watch The Ring 2 tomorrow if we can find a freaking Blockbuster that hasn't closed down to rent it from. Neither of us can remember seeing it--but I'm pretty sure I did, and I'm pretty sure its going to be a waste of time to watch again. But thats all we ever seem to do. Eat, waste time &/or argue about who is in what movie/how to spell something/basic nerdy facts until we whip out our phones to prove the other person wrong (I win every time). And I love it (winning & wasting time). But only with him.

March 03, 2011

So Guilty

(Cheeks full of candy)
I really shouldn't be allowed to every buy any more of these. I eat almost an entire package in one sitting. Swedish Fish are my guilty food pleasure (I definitely have guiltier other  pleasures, ones that should really never be mentioned cough, cough, Justin Bieber...) And Target has such a good deal for a whole freaking pound of these little suckers that I can never seem to pass them up*! In my defense, Swedish Fish are literally the only sweets I ever eat (unless you count spoonfuls of Nutella, please tell me that doesn't count).

On another note, I guess I am officially on my last spring break now. Too bad that means nothing at all for me. I will stay in Nashy and my to-do lists revolves around completely finalizing our wedding guest list and hopefully get all the invitations printed. Either way, our invitations will go out by the end of the month. Insaaannnee!!

Yesterday marked 4 months until the wedding, and Monday will mark one year of being engaged. I'm so  serious (and kind of overwhelmed) when I ask--but where has all the time gone?? (in a Jack Sparrow voice, obviously)

*I only almost eat a whole package when I buy one of the bags...I've never eaten a one pound container from Target in one sitting...

March 01, 2011

A Wee Story For Ya All...(actually, its kind of long)

Today was just not my day.
I woke up this morning and laid in my bed for about ten minutes trying to lift my heavy limbs out from underneath the covers. I had already hit the snooze on my alarm about 5 times and was definitely behind schedule. I began to get ready and of course I messed up my makeup (of course, only on the days I have no time to deal...) I tried to fix it with the ole q-tip and makeup remover but the makeup remover I had just purchased the day before that said "oil-free" was definitely not free of oil. So then my danged eyeliner wouldn't even go on after that!

Giving up on looking at all like I hadn't just rolled out of bed (even though I had...), I threw on my clothes, decided my bed hair (fluffy pillow-dried) had to do, and went to try and find comfort in nutella and toast for a quick breakfast to inhale as I headed to school. But noooooo, our dumb fridge decided to leak weird freezer water all over my bread*, leaving me with sog and nothing to toast. My roommate offered me one of her granola bars, such a sweet thang, my rooms.

I normally walk to my school since we only live a few blocks away, but this morning I had planned on driving so that I could head straight from my last class to a meeting without having to high tale it back to my car at the apartment to make it there on time. The thing about parking at my school...and apparently any university, is that you have to get there early to find a parking spot. And I was definitely running the opposite of early.

"Alas!" I said to myself, "I still have time to run and get an iced latte!", and normally that would have been true. But I had still not fully realized that today was just not my day. I briskly walked to the coffee shop next to the school, thinking that there wouldn't be a line at this time on a Tuesday because there is never a line this time on a Tuesday. You guessed it. There was a line. But by the time I got there I was so determined to have one thing my way (an iced latte) that I stubbornly waited for something that normally takes about 2 minutes to get on a Tuesday morning, but on this particular morning, took about 15.

I was completely late--not late to class--late to my professor's car, where he and my fellow classmates were waiting on me to head to a site visit. My lateness was making everyone else late. The slight incline of the campus, combined with my heavy bag, my sleepy body and my nutella-toastless tummy resulted in embarrassingly heavy breathing upon apologetically cramming into the aforementioned car.
Flash forward to me sitting in the board room of the site we visited, realizing that I had failed to put on deodorant in my rush to get ready**. Luckily the day was cool and I had multiple layers on. But now I would obsess over my armpits until I could get home to that stupid little clicky-bar-stick and ground it for taking a day off. A half-day. Bad, clicky-bar-stick, bad!

After my second class, I had a little while to go home, deodorize, and eat lunch--since I also hadn't had time to grab anything that morning. I went for the left-over greek, surely this would turn my day around. Delish, no? I pulled out the tupperware container before I had time to notice the little puddle of freezer water that had gathered on the top. But don't you worry, I had plenty of time to notice the freezer water when it was all down my leg and soaking into my cozy slippers. Cuss you, freezer water!! (Thankfully there was no freezer water actually inside the container, at least somebody was doing their job today--ahem, recycled turkey container...)

My last class consisted of a guest speaker who gave us a brief introduction (as in...just their name and job title), then sat down and asked us what questions we had for them....??? I thought to myself, of course you are today's guest. The meeting I mentioned went well--we just went over how I would be spending my spring break handing out pamphlets and event invitations in the legislative plaza downtown. Spring Break 2011!!.....

I picked up some groceries and decided to make a delicious dinner for my hard-working man who would be coming over shortly. At home, I opened up the ricotta in my fridge and almost LOST IT when I thought I saw freezer water in it, then I remembered it was just the whey. (right?) But just to make sure, I smelled it. Right after smelling it I realized the following:
1) I don't know what ricotta is supposed to smell like
2) I don't know what freezer water is supposed to smell like
But I had had enough of this "not being my day" business and resolved to used it anyways. When in doubt, eat the cheese....? Just in case it was freezer water, I decided to try and drain it out. BRILLIANT IDEA, BETHANY. I tipped the container over just a wee bit, holding the ricotta chunk back with a spoon then boom, ricotta ---> sink.
I'm sure I could have salvaged some of it...but come on, gross. Also, I was furious by this point. So then, ricotta ---> trash. I'll teach you for obeying the laws of gravity!!!

Annnnddd really that was the end of things sucking. I made dinner, it was fine, Miles eats anything anyways (except chicken....too bad all the recipes I've inherited/grown up with are for chicken). I'm so poor, my boy gave me some money :)) But really, from the wedding budget for things that I had bought (for the wedding). I think I've found the place we're going to go on our honeymoon--and we may book it soon! The thought of having that amount of money coming out of our savings makes me want to throw up though. I think Miles feels the same, though he wouldn't admit it. Only one of us gets to worry/freak out/get nervous. And I have dibs for life.
I also finished my convocation credits tonight! My roommate came with me to a wind ensemble concert and it was actually really amazing. But now that last convo credit that has been on my account for 2 years has been fulfilled and I am one step closer to graduating! To celebrate my finished convo requirements, the school even had fancy sparkling grape juice waiting for us after the event!! Maybe it was for the ensemble...and maybe the juice tasted really gross with my minty gum. But today is over. And tomorrow will be mine, ALL MINE.

*I don't eat loaves of bread (or any bready-type food for that matter) fast enough to prevent them from getting old and moldy, so I put them in le fridge and they keeep and keeeep and keep.
**Which just makes me feel like an awkward middle school girl again...