March 16, 2011

First Furniture

Yesterday, Miles and I bought two amazing pieces for our new home. We signed a lease last week for an apartment across the courtyard from my current one. We are super excited about it! I'm moving in in just over two weeks--not stressful at all. Granted, we already have basic furniture bought and sitting in Miles' mom's garage...these two pieces are just the first ones that were bought with a specific place in mind.

A Wurlitzer organ : $38 (and it totally works..)

Table with record player inside: $12 (record player working status yet to be determined)

We also picked out paint colors for our living room and bathroom. Right now, our teeny bathroom walls and ceiling are painted glossy baby blue. Its so awful. Mostly because of the gloss. 

I'm sure there will be a ton of posts to come about this new place that will become our first home, the place we really learn how to be married to one another, where we eat good (maybe bad...and probably sometimes burnt) homemade foods, where we watch tons of movies, and laugh a lot, and come to unwind together at the end of a long day.

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