March 01, 2011

A Wee Story For Ya All...(actually, its kind of long)

Today was just not my day.
I woke up this morning and laid in my bed for about ten minutes trying to lift my heavy limbs out from underneath the covers. I had already hit the snooze on my alarm about 5 times and was definitely behind schedule. I began to get ready and of course I messed up my makeup (of course, only on the days I have no time to deal...) I tried to fix it with the ole q-tip and makeup remover but the makeup remover I had just purchased the day before that said "oil-free" was definitely not free of oil. So then my danged eyeliner wouldn't even go on after that!

Giving up on looking at all like I hadn't just rolled out of bed (even though I had...), I threw on my clothes, decided my bed hair (fluffy pillow-dried) had to do, and went to try and find comfort in nutella and toast for a quick breakfast to inhale as I headed to school. But noooooo, our dumb fridge decided to leak weird freezer water all over my bread*, leaving me with sog and nothing to toast. My roommate offered me one of her granola bars, such a sweet thang, my rooms.

I normally walk to my school since we only live a few blocks away, but this morning I had planned on driving so that I could head straight from my last class to a meeting without having to high tale it back to my car at the apartment to make it there on time. The thing about parking at my school...and apparently any university, is that you have to get there early to find a parking spot. And I was definitely running the opposite of early.

"Alas!" I said to myself, "I still have time to run and get an iced latte!", and normally that would have been true. But I had still not fully realized that today was just not my day. I briskly walked to the coffee shop next to the school, thinking that there wouldn't be a line at this time on a Tuesday because there is never a line this time on a Tuesday. You guessed it. There was a line. But by the time I got there I was so determined to have one thing my way (an iced latte) that I stubbornly waited for something that normally takes about 2 minutes to get on a Tuesday morning, but on this particular morning, took about 15.

I was completely late--not late to class--late to my professor's car, where he and my fellow classmates were waiting on me to head to a site visit. My lateness was making everyone else late. The slight incline of the campus, combined with my heavy bag, my sleepy body and my nutella-toastless tummy resulted in embarrassingly heavy breathing upon apologetically cramming into the aforementioned car.
Flash forward to me sitting in the board room of the site we visited, realizing that I had failed to put on deodorant in my rush to get ready**. Luckily the day was cool and I had multiple layers on. But now I would obsess over my armpits until I could get home to that stupid little clicky-bar-stick and ground it for taking a day off. A half-day. Bad, clicky-bar-stick, bad!

After my second class, I had a little while to go home, deodorize, and eat lunch--since I also hadn't had time to grab anything that morning. I went for the left-over greek, surely this would turn my day around. Delish, no? I pulled out the tupperware container before I had time to notice the little puddle of freezer water that had gathered on the top. But don't you worry, I had plenty of time to notice the freezer water when it was all down my leg and soaking into my cozy slippers. Cuss you, freezer water!! (Thankfully there was no freezer water actually inside the container, at least somebody was doing their job today--ahem, recycled turkey container...)

My last class consisted of a guest speaker who gave us a brief introduction (as in...just their name and job title), then sat down and asked us what questions we had for them....??? I thought to myself, of course you are today's guest. The meeting I mentioned went well--we just went over how I would be spending my spring break handing out pamphlets and event invitations in the legislative plaza downtown. Spring Break 2011!!.....

I picked up some groceries and decided to make a delicious dinner for my hard-working man who would be coming over shortly. At home, I opened up the ricotta in my fridge and almost LOST IT when I thought I saw freezer water in it, then I remembered it was just the whey. (right?) But just to make sure, I smelled it. Right after smelling it I realized the following:
1) I don't know what ricotta is supposed to smell like
2) I don't know what freezer water is supposed to smell like
But I had had enough of this "not being my day" business and resolved to used it anyways. When in doubt, eat the cheese....? Just in case it was freezer water, I decided to try and drain it out. BRILLIANT IDEA, BETHANY. I tipped the container over just a wee bit, holding the ricotta chunk back with a spoon then boom, ricotta ---> sink.
I'm sure I could have salvaged some of it...but come on, gross. Also, I was furious by this point. So then, ricotta ---> trash. I'll teach you for obeying the laws of gravity!!!

Annnnddd really that was the end of things sucking. I made dinner, it was fine, Miles eats anything anyways (except chicken....too bad all the recipes I've inherited/grown up with are for chicken). I'm so poor, my boy gave me some money :)) But really, from the wedding budget for things that I had bought (for the wedding). I think I've found the place we're going to go on our honeymoon--and we may book it soon! The thought of having that amount of money coming out of our savings makes me want to throw up though. I think Miles feels the same, though he wouldn't admit it. Only one of us gets to worry/freak out/get nervous. And I have dibs for life.
I also finished my convocation credits tonight! My roommate came with me to a wind ensemble concert and it was actually really amazing. But now that last convo credit that has been on my account for 2 years has been fulfilled and I am one step closer to graduating! To celebrate my finished convo requirements, the school even had fancy sparkling grape juice waiting for us after the event!! Maybe it was for the ensemble...and maybe the juice tasted really gross with my minty gum. But today is over. And tomorrow will be mine, ALL MINE.

*I don't eat loaves of bread (or any bready-type food for that matter) fast enough to prevent them from getting old and moldy, so I put them in le fridge and they keeep and keeeep and keep.
**Which just makes me feel like an awkward middle school girl again...


  1. at least you didn't loose your passport.
    your mom and I are both crying!

  2. Favorite part: "I'll teach you for obeying the laws of gravity!!!"

  3. Oh man....I just love you.


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