March 27, 2011


I was in such a pitiful/grumpy/sleepy mood today I feel bad that Miles had to hang out with me. But at the end of running all of our errands he took me to Sweet Cece's to try and cheer me up. It half-worked (seriously, I was such a major bummer today). But boy, oh boy do I have a sweet man.

I don't know what I would do without Miles' patience and constant forgiveness for my crabbiness. 
I really hope I'm not getting sick or something. After about 3PM every afternoon this past week I have been hit by a huge wall of tired that just makes the rest of my day completely miserable. 

Poor Miles had do deal with my super short temper and my lost sense of humor last night as we began labeling all our invitation envelopes. I think I've mentioned before that we're going the DIY/simple/easy/cheap route for our wedding. So we've printed all the address labels ourselves--I definitely made that more difficult than necessary. But now I am working on printing our invitations and rsvp postcards myself and it is proving to be a little more taxing and time consuming than I had planned on. My evening has been spent coaxing the printer into printing everything in black ink and not red...(??)

I really hope I can finish all this tomorrow--but it will take a (Christmas) miracle for all technologies and ink cartridges to join together for the good of inviting people to our wedding. And probably a ton of bugging my roommate (soon to be courtyard neighbor--moving date: Fridaaayyy). I think tomorrow I will skip (aka-drag myself through the rain) down a few blocks to the post office to get a billion stamps for all these envelopes. I hope they have rolls and rolls of stamps with pictures of kittens in baskets of yarn or baby ducks dressed up construction gear. That would add the perfect touch to our invitations.

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