March 07, 2011

One Year Down

It has been exactly one year since my VBF (very best friend) asked me to marry him. At first I thought he was fake asking, as he had been for a while by then. So he had to ask me several times before I got it. (I told him that was going to happen if he didn't stop fake asking me---the boy who cried "marry me"). 

We took only about four pictures while we were at the park, we were so excited we forgot to take more. I definitely wish we had....

Dear Miles,
Hey there. Thanks for asking me to marry you. That was pretty awesome. I can't believe its been a year already. People weren't lying when they told us it would fly by. Now we gots ta get this wedding furrealz put together and get on with our married selves!
Your VBF
p.s. I'm really happy we go back to our park all the time, even if we can't remember which tree we became fianc├ęs under...I told you we should have carved our initials into the trunk!

I can't wait to be your wiffeeeeeyyyy 

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