March 20, 2011

Not A Lot To Work With

This afternoon Miles and I went to a park for our engagement shoot session. Our wonderful photographer and her assistant were totally patient with us (mostly me) as we got over being awkward in front of the camera. And by "awkward" I mean "serious"--as in no funny faces allowed. You see, about 99% of the pictures Miles and I have together are a little something like this:
We hardly have any serious pictures of the both of us. Which is fine with me for the most part...except I think we should at least have a few grown-up, serious pictures on our wedding day, so this was just practice. I'm totally confident in Miles' ability to look super handsome for the camera--but as soon as I see that lens pointing in my direction I revert to dork mode and the results a generally what you see above. My mom even gave up having a normal picture of her three children this Christmas, apparently its in our blood.

So here's to our photographer being able to salvage some pictures from our afternoon together. She said we did wonderfully--but Miles thinks she has to say that to be nice. Whatevs, we had fun and I'm excited to see everything. Sneak peek in a couple of days, then we'll get the rest in a couple of weeks. The suspense may kill me, or I may forget about them tomorrow...

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