March 03, 2011

So Guilty

(Cheeks full of candy)
I really shouldn't be allowed to every buy any more of these. I eat almost an entire package in one sitting. Swedish Fish are my guilty food pleasure (I definitely have guiltier other  pleasures, ones that should really never be mentioned cough, cough, Justin Bieber...) And Target has such a good deal for a whole freaking pound of these little suckers that I can never seem to pass them up*! In my defense, Swedish Fish are literally the only sweets I ever eat (unless you count spoonfuls of Nutella, please tell me that doesn't count).

On another note, I guess I am officially on my last spring break now. Too bad that means nothing at all for me. I will stay in Nashy and my to-do lists revolves around completely finalizing our wedding guest list and hopefully get all the invitations printed. Either way, our invitations will go out by the end of the month. Insaaannnee!!

Yesterday marked 4 months until the wedding, and Monday will mark one year of being engaged. I'm so  serious (and kind of overwhelmed) when I ask--but where has all the time gone?? (in a Jack Sparrow voice, obviously)

*I only almost eat a whole package when I buy one of the bags...I've never eaten a one pound container from Target in one sitting...

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