March 30, 2011


We are getting a disc of all our engagement photos soon, but our photographer went ahead and put them all up on a website for our viewing pleasure (actually pronounced pleaseaur, preferably with a snooty voice). I am in lovee with them. I can't wait to get our discs so I don't have to wait on my crappy internet to (never) work when I want to look at them for hours. I mean...I can't print all  of them.....but I might. And carry them around in my wallet? Note to self: get bigger wallet. Another note to self: never-mind, thats what the photo section of my iPhone is for...

(Learning to skip a rock)

(After almost pelting photographer with aforementioned rock)

One thing I realized after looking through our engagement pictures was how far I have to stretch my neck to get to Miles' face in order to kiss him. And I was wearing heels in all these pictures! Kissing him is such a chore, I don't know how I'll ever survive years of that :)                          (happily)

Dear Miles,
Dang son, you so tallllll!
Sho 'nuff,

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