April 07, 2011

New Home!

Last weekend, I moved across my courtyard to what will be our first home together. I can wholeheartedly confess that  I thought I was going to die before I finished carrying the last box up the stairs on Sunday evening. It was completely exhausting, but I'm kind of amazed at how much we were able to move and get unpacked before I had a meltdown over how nothing was "in it's place". I am now resisting the urge to go out and buy everything I want to put "in it's place".

Last week was insane. My hard drive crashed on Monday night (right after I finished printing out all our invitations and address labels, thankfully) and I spent the rest of the week kind of in shock and slowly gathering back the pieces of my digital life. I had backed up a lot of my files to Miles' computer a few months ago when I needed to have a newer operating system to sync my stupid new iPhone to. At the time, I was livid to have to go through so much to sync one Apple product to another (with an "old" operating system), but now I am totally grateful that I had all my music and pictures backed up on his iMac, and most of my school work saved randomly on a flash drive.
On Friday night, as I was driving home, I must have ran over something in the road because when I parked my car I could hear the air coming out of my tire. Trying to sleep that night (the night before I had to move everything into a new apartment) was a joke knowing that I would wake up to a flat tire/foolishly hoping that somehow I had just been hearing things earlier and my tire would be fine. Alas, it was flat. Miles put my spare on and I was off to Sears to get a new tire. But of course the Sears I went to was the only Sears in the greater Nashville area that didn't have my tire (or anything close to it) in stock. Of COURSE! So I left it there to be fixed the next day after having the correct tire delivered and Miles picked up his highly fed up fiance and treated her to a large Chik-fil-a Diet Coke (fave)(only soft drink I really like..)(and only from chick-fil-a).

Blahblahblah, my stories are way too long. Always. Summary of everything else I was going to say:
Next week my momma is coming to town!!
We also have my great-grandmothers 100th birthday party & wedding (bridal?) shower next weekend.
All of my significantly sized school projects are all due on the same day, and that day was two weeks from yesterday. (Vom)

Aaaand here are a few pictures of Miles being handy, helpful and purposefully (and gloriously) awkward in the unpacking of all our stuff:

He is determined to find a place for his Great Wall of China canvas. Above the doorway and sideways will not be that place. 

Recognize that lovely table his foot is resting upon? It was our Goodwill steal of a record player that definitely works as we found out this weekend--just needs a new needle. So pretty much in this picture there is a large record player, with a smaller one on top. Efficient. 

This is the only semi-"done" section of the apartment thus far. I need a frame for that map, but I accidentally bought a map that is bigger than any frame I can seem to find. Didn't fully think that one through...

We finally bought a bed frame after a year and a half of the mattress and box spring sitting on the floor. We're growing up, y'all. We're adults with a bed frame! Well I am an adult with a bed frame (that needs her fiance to assemble it, please and thank you).

Miles almost convinced me to let him buy a new TV for the apartment. I was really close to letting him until he told me that money would be from savings, aka WEDDING MONEY. Boy must be crazy! So for now...I don't even think the huge boxy tv is even plugged in. And I don't really see any reason to plug it in. I just watch Parks & Recreation on Netflix anyways (jumped on that bandwagon kind of late...is there even a bandwagon to jump on for that?) 

Lalala THE END!

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