April 26, 2011

Sorry, but...

I absolutely loved this movie. 
My sweet old (as in former) roommate, and now courtyard neighbor invited me to come see Water for Elephants with her and some friends. Normally I would be a total home-body loser and decline, but I felt uncharacteristically spontaneous and found myself in the movie theater (with smuggled Swedish Fish in hand) less than 20 minutes later. 
I loved everything about this movie and wish I had read the book all those years ago when it was first recommended to me. But who am I kidding....this saved a lot of time.
I wanted (almost) every single outfit Reese wore. Or at least to be able to pull off (almost) every single outfit that she wore. I think the only one I could actually handle is the robe below. And oh, how I long for such a beaut to lounge around in. 
Also, could I have her curls please? MmkThanks. 

I don't want to spoil anything for the non-book readers or the ones who have yet to see this movie. But I definitely yelled out loud at a certain highly intense point in the film. I'll just say...Rosie sure can work that ground stake.
I need to tone my movie watching down when I'm in public. I'm so used to exclaiming my every thought when I am watching them at home. 

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