April 09, 2011

Honeymoon Booked!

So I lost everything on my hard drive again yesterday. I have about 4 days total where I will be able to work on all my projects. I was totally down in the dumps again yesterday. But today we booked our honeymoon with Cheapcaribbean.com and I am no longer down in the dumps, but totally over the moon about the 5 days we are going to spend at this amazing resort! Also, I was a little skeptical about booking through this site, but seriously, BEST customer service I have ever, ever experienced. I was having problems with the flights I selected booking up before I could finalize my payment and someone from customer service called ME to help a sister out. And for one second after I gave this man my credit card information I had a little panic attack about being scammed...but nope, its totally on my account and legitimately reserved!

Okay, okay. Job-time.

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