May 30, 2012

Oh, June

Thinking about this month and all that it holds is pretty overwhelming, thankfully in a good way. 
We begin with Miles' birthday on the 5th. My husband's birthday. Thinking about it in those terms, "my husband's", makes me feel butterfly-ey all over again, almost a year later.

The day after his birthday, we head down to the burbs for a dog-sitting stint. Hopefully we won't be working too much to be able to enjoy the pool and actually enjoy being outside in the heat. While we're dog-sitting, we are also scheduled to close on a house!!! Yep. June 12th, if all goes well, we will become home owners. Two weeks from yesterday. Phew, thinking about it in that time frame makes my stomach turn. Really, with the dog-sitting, we only have a week left in our tiny apartment. Our first little home. And that thought fills me with excitement and a little sadness at the same time. 

So we finish dog-sitting and are planning on moving in Father's day weekend. I love the house and can't wait to start unpacking and finding a place for everything, but I think that will be a looong process. Since we know we'll be in this house for a while, we can really settle down and find things that are specific to the spaces we want to create. And we'll have some small bedrooms to work with--so imma have to get super creative. We're so excited to make this house our home; to eventually turn all our talk into reality, to have a backyard and a deck, a washer, dryer and a dishwasher (!!!). And we'll of course be so happy to be done with house hunting, offer making and contract reading. Fourth times a charm?

At some point during this month I will get to see my mom for the first time since August! I can't wait to just sit down and have a face to face conversation with her. Maybe in our new home? Probably. Which just makes it all the more special. 

Then at the end of the month we will be skipping town, and probably leaving a very cluttered un-organized house, to celebrate our one year anniversary! How has it been a year already? I remember last June and all the wedding build up so well, I can't believe how quickly this year has flown by--and how much has happened within it. So June will be full of moving forward to new, exciting, scary grown-up things, and looking back on an amazing year (or 26, for Miles).

This was a wordy post. But June is going to be ridic!! I'll have to relish in the (imagined) peacefulness of the last day and a half of May.

May 29, 2012

Two Days

Miles finally got a two day weekend! Too bad it was when a lot of other people got a three day weekend, but I'll take it! We took a lot of walks (to get Paletas), ate delicious food, fell in love with Nashville just a little bit more, hung out with out of town friends and in town family, slept in, grilled out, lazed around in our pjs, book shopped, watched a lot of movies that ended up being not very good...le sigh. 'Twas a good weekend and we definitely didn't want it to end.

Side note: These hot days are really making me hate my bangs. I don't remember hating them so much in summers past. I've had them for a while now...and I've had my fivehead for as long as I can remember. Oh, what to do, what to do. (My life is really tough...)

May 21, 2012

On Another Note...

Miles has been working a lot of six day weeks, which leaves me Saturday mornings to get a lot of chores and errands done. Not because he wouldn't do them, or help me, I would just rather have them all done by the time he gets off for his day and a half weekend. To maximize fun times. 
But another thing I love about Saturday mornings/early afternoons with just myself as company, is that I get to eat whatever I want. Which normally is a big bowl of kale (for lunch)(gross, never for breakfast). I accidentally burnt Miles out on kale this fall and now feel bad when I make it for dinner. Because really I'm just making it for myself. Double portions of course.
So, Saturday=kaleday.

You can go ahead and imagine Handel's Hallelujah chorus playing in the background.

Take Me Out

A couple of weeks ago, Miles and I went to our first Sounds game ever. We've been saying for years that we should go, and we finally did. Of course we were 30 minutes late and left pretty early, but we had so much fun. While we won't be buying season tickets, per Miles' request (ahem, 1000% unnecessary), we will be going to more games in the near future. Nothing like (me) forgetting to pay attention, $2 concession foods, (Miles) reminiscing over past baseball playing days, and (me) wanting to stand up and flap my wings, angels in the outfield style. Ah, Summer, you're not my fave, but I still enjoy you.

May 14, 2012


I'm not trying to be annoying or attempting to make our life seem bad day-less, but from the moment Miles came home Saturday afternoon, until we went to sleep Sunday night, I was beside myself with happiness and in love-ness. We really didn't even do anything special. We used an old gift card to Olive Garden--where Miles asked if the salad that came with his meal was a caesar. At Olive Garden. I guess its been a while? We watched 15 minutes of a DVD that we had been super excited about (zombies v. vampires, hello!), until we realized it was possibly the worst thing we've ever seen, as in, so bad even I couldn't make fun of it. So bad that it just makes you mad? We caught up on Parks and Rec, clapped after Leslie's speech, went to bed and talked for hours.

Sunday, we woke up at went to church, had a wonderful lunch with Miles' mom and sister, and showed up so late to see a movie that they were no longer selling tickets for it. Oops. So we went home and did all the chores that we had been putting off forever. I also collected all my current reads and stacked them up by the bed. Another oops.

But what really makes me feel bad is that I really just want to go to the used book store and buy some more to start reading... We listened to Fleet Foxes, sang, folded, put away, washed, dried, made up, wiped down and then wanted to pass out. Miles so wisely commented on how much more fun and quickly done these chores were when we did them together. Uh, chyah dude. 

We finished the evening by walking up to Brown's Diner (recognized and spoken of in my head at "Fred's" for some reason) to hear one of Miles' co-workers play bossa nova jazz. We sat in the small, hot, retired train car, shared some salty, delicious fries, drank beer and enjoyed the remaining moments of our weekend. 

As we were walking home, kind of sad that our day and a half of full on togetherness was over, a little floating light appeared and disappeared right in front of us. We stopped in our tracks, threw our hands up in the air, and cheered for our first firefly sighting of the year. Miles even danced. Right there on the 21st Avenue sidewalk with people staring at us as they drove by. We walked the rest of the way home, attached at the hip, with the biggest grins plastered on our face.

So I'm not trying to say that we don't have moments or days where we feel bummed or completely drained, or totally boring...But it just seems like lately, we've been given other moments and days that are filled with the absolute best things where we're reminded of how blessed we are to have each other and everything else in our lives.

May 12, 2012

A Song for Today

Remember two posts ago when I gushed about my husband and listening to guitars and the Tedeschi Trucks Band? Well, I've sat at home alone this Saturday  and missed my boo while he is at work, and listening to this song makes it better/worse. That guitar? Make me cry already why dontcha. This may be the most perfect song for a rainy/gloomy day in. 

May 11, 2012

Slow Down

 "Speed up", my brain says to my life.

I say to my brain.

Its pretty hard to live fully, and fully live, in each moment when each moment kind of feels the same as the last and all you think about is what/when/how/where things will happen in the future. Phew. Hard.

image via society6