May 14, 2012


I'm not trying to be annoying or attempting to make our life seem bad day-less, but from the moment Miles came home Saturday afternoon, until we went to sleep Sunday night, I was beside myself with happiness and in love-ness. We really didn't even do anything special. We used an old gift card to Olive Garden--where Miles asked if the salad that came with his meal was a caesar. At Olive Garden. I guess its been a while? We watched 15 minutes of a DVD that we had been super excited about (zombies v. vampires, hello!), until we realized it was possibly the worst thing we've ever seen, as in, so bad even I couldn't make fun of it. So bad that it just makes you mad? We caught up on Parks and Rec, clapped after Leslie's speech, went to bed and talked for hours.

Sunday, we woke up at went to church, had a wonderful lunch with Miles' mom and sister, and showed up so late to see a movie that they were no longer selling tickets for it. Oops. So we went home and did all the chores that we had been putting off forever. I also collected all my current reads and stacked them up by the bed. Another oops.

But what really makes me feel bad is that I really just want to go to the used book store and buy some more to start reading... We listened to Fleet Foxes, sang, folded, put away, washed, dried, made up, wiped down and then wanted to pass out. Miles so wisely commented on how much more fun and quickly done these chores were when we did them together. Uh, chyah dude. 

We finished the evening by walking up to Brown's Diner (recognized and spoken of in my head at "Fred's" for some reason) to hear one of Miles' co-workers play bossa nova jazz. We sat in the small, hot, retired train car, shared some salty, delicious fries, drank beer and enjoyed the remaining moments of our weekend. 

As we were walking home, kind of sad that our day and a half of full on togetherness was over, a little floating light appeared and disappeared right in front of us. We stopped in our tracks, threw our hands up in the air, and cheered for our first firefly sighting of the year. Miles even danced. Right there on the 21st Avenue sidewalk with people staring at us as they drove by. We walked the rest of the way home, attached at the hip, with the biggest grins plastered on our face.

So I'm not trying to say that we don't have moments or days where we feel bummed or completely drained, or totally boring...But it just seems like lately, we've been given other moments and days that are filled with the absolute best things where we're reminded of how blessed we are to have each other and everything else in our lives.

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