May 29, 2012

Two Days

Miles finally got a two day weekend! Too bad it was when a lot of other people got a three day weekend, but I'll take it! We took a lot of walks (to get Paletas), ate delicious food, fell in love with Nashville just a little bit more, hung out with out of town friends and in town family, slept in, grilled out, lazed around in our pjs, book shopped, watched a lot of movies that ended up being not very good...le sigh. 'Twas a good weekend and we definitely didn't want it to end.

Side note: These hot days are really making me hate my bangs. I don't remember hating them so much in summers past. I've had them for a while now...and I've had my fivehead for as long as I can remember. Oh, what to do, what to do. (My life is really tough...)

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