March 07, 2011

Oh, Internet Memory Lane

Tonight I spent about 2 hours looking at different honeymoon options. But really....accomplished nothing at all. I also updated my instant watch queue on Netflix and decided that I am just going to spend my entire spring break on my bed watching le movies. I can't afford to do anything else (whomp whomp).

But by far the most entertaining portion of my loser night alone was clicking the "view friendship" on Miles and I's Facebook posts. I went all the way back to our first comments. Some of them I remember so well, and others I have no idea what we were talking about. For the first 4 months of our friendship, all our comments were quotes from The Office. Because thats basically all we talked about/did together--no lie, The Office is the only reason Miles and I were ever friends to begin with. So I think we're still holding on to that show for old time's sake--even though we both know there are way better/funnier things out there.

We became best friends over silly things like this:

Theeennnn best friends began to date...

Reading through all these short, awkward conversations just made me want to call Miles and talk about how dorky we both were. Then I thought about it and we definitely are still huge dorks.
Example: today I made Miles watch The Ring again, just so he wouldn't go around telling people its the scariest movie of all time (because it definitely isn't)(and he definitely used to do that)(but after today--no more!). All he had were memories from almost 10 years ago and being a scaredy little high-schooler. I mean, mission accomplished when we finished the movie. Obviously. It makes no sense at all (the movie....and Miles' deep fear of watching it again).

We're going to watch The Ring 2 tomorrow if we can find a freaking Blockbuster that hasn't closed down to rent it from. Neither of us can remember seeing it--but I'm pretty sure I did, and I'm pretty sure its going to be a waste of time to watch again. But thats all we ever seem to do. Eat, waste time &/or argue about who is in what movie/how to spell something/basic nerdy facts until we whip out our phones to prove the other person wrong (I win every time). And I love it (winning & wasting time). But only with him.

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