January 31, 2011


Hokay, I couldn't live with the lack of assurance in yesterday's list-making so today I wrote out everything that I have due in the next three months. The first time I did this a few semesters ago it was kind of overwhelming to see everything all together and not broken up by the weeks of my planner...but at the same time it was so empowering to be able to look at everything at once and psych myself up to finish everything.
College has turned me into a huuuge nerd. Example: I am taking the things I learned in my Entrepreneurial Financial Management class to itemize and edit our wedding budget in excel, formulas and all. My 16-year-old self is making so much fun of my current day self. (Hey you, don't roll your eyes too far back--they'll get stuck)
This semester isn't actually that bad at all, which is definitely a welcomed realization on my part. I do have a internship/project that I have yet to really figure out what all that will entail...and a second 8 week course that I don't have a syllabus for (therefore no due dates to be aware of yet)..but its a 1950s film class that has no required texts. I'm totes okay with having movie homework.

I'll trade you one senior project and presentation for 10 movie viewing assignments. 20.

Miles came over for dinner after he got off from work and I made spanish rice with black beans and beef. Its sooo good and super easy...and I make it every time he comes over for dinner. I told him tonight that he wasn't allowed to get sick of it for another few years. Too bad, buddy.

Oh yeah!! I went to the mall after work today (bleh) to return something to Forever 21 before my stupid 21 days were up and I was stuck with a weird impulse exchange (not an actual purchase...maybe a purchase thrice removed would be a more accurate description). And I wandered into one of those store with cheapo shoes...you know, with "Bobs" that look exactly like "Toms"? (...?!) I wanted to get some shoe deodorizer for Miles nasty work boots he left in my car over the weekend, which I did eventually buy--but more importantly I found my shoes for the wedding!
I've been eyeing some Steve Madden glittery-type flats but held off to see if I found something else I liked, for cheaper than stupid $50. I mean  even though they're for one of the most important days of my life...I'm still pretty much only going to wear them one time. I'm not a glittery flat wearing type of girl normally, I'm more of a Minnetonka moccasin girl (as in, I've worn through 3 pairs of the same moccasin and will purchase a 4th when the weather gets warmer). Anyways you probably guessed it, but I totally found the "Bobs" of Steve Madden glitter flats for (wait for it.......) $17!! I texted a picture of them to my mom and all my bridesmaids to ask their opinion on the shoes and whether I should get them, but I had already paid for them and began walking back to my car before any of them even had a chance to reply.

I am one happy girl, and that itemized wedding budget is due for an update.

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