January 10, 2011

Nashville Snow

Today was a Nashville snow day. I won't pretend like there aren't way more intense snow days (weeks, months) in other parts of the country by going on and on about the snow...because it really wasn't that much. All that being said, Nashville  still kind of freaks when it snows, myself included. I think its mostly because I never grew up with snow and when I look outside and see white all around my heart can't help but skip a beat and make me giddy. 
(see, I told you it wasn't that much)
I have been home for about a week and a half now and it has been nice to take some time to just be before I dive in to my last semester before I graduate in May. Less than 6 months until our wedding and I am starting to realize that the past 10 months of our engagement have tricked me into being wayy too chill about the wedding planning. I have the big stuff down, venues, dress, photographer...but all the teeny details are getting to seem a bit daunting. So I could get a little insane in the membrane or I could choose to chill out and know that by the end of the day on July 2nd, I will be married to my best friend--regardless of all those teeny details (like our guests being fed or our venues being decorated). I will try  to do the latter. Try. 

One thing I love about Miles is the way he watches scary movies. He insists on renting them, then refuses to look at the screen the entire movie and when I make him look he has the most pitiful, helpless face I have ever seen (apart from those found on puppies).
(He didn't share any of that blanket either)
Supposedly its supposed to snow through the night and tomorrow afternoon. It'd be a lot more fun if Miles and weren't on opposite sides of town with stupid icy roads in between. We could have watched so many movies. Not that his absence will stop me from doing so myself. 

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