December 27, 2010

Waikiki Date

     I have has such an incredible time with my family here on Oahu, I can't believe how fast the days have flown by! I fly out Wednesday night and I can't wait to see Miles again but I love, love, love being with my family and am sad that these visits can't happen more often. Why does Hawaii have to be so dang far away??
     We had a super chill Christmas morning. I got a new Moleskine planner--the only thing I really asked for. I loved penciling in birthdays, anniversaries, wedding countdowns and the wedding date! In the afternoon my sister, mom and I stayed home while my brother and dad went to a college basketball tournament. Us girls cuddled up to The Young Victoria and tried not to bawl our eyes out at the end. I never remember how much I love that movie. Note to self: this one is worth buying, not just keeping in my Netflix instant watch queue. 
     This afternoon we all (save my brother) went to a ridiculously huge Forever 21 on Waikiki. It had just opened today and my sister really wanted to go shopping with her Christmas money. It was so overwhelming and I felt sick for the people who worked there. Working retail has definitely changed the way I shop. This store was totally wrecked and there were sooo many people there and all I could think of was how stressed I would be if my store was like this and I had to close. Then I tried to stop thinking about it because it was just plain depressing. I am on my Christmas vacation! No work! No thinking about work! Just buy a ton of striped skirts (check)!
     My brother met up with us, we took a few pictures for mom and then the two of us went on a sibling date. I love my baby brother so much, even though he is no longer a baby--he's 6'2 and all muscle. I got to go to two of his basketball games last week and even though I normally can't pay attention to anything sport related, I was either on the edge of my bleacher or jumping up and cheering my head off the whole game. I am so proud of my #42! Caleb and I walked down the Waikiki strip and I tried to not embarrass him too much by looking like such a tourist with my camera around my neck. But I mean, I am a tourist. Kind of. We found a little crepe shop and all the crepes looked sooo good but were so expensive, so we got shave ice instead. Yes, shave, not shaved. Don't ask because I don't know...and neither does anyone else it seems. I wish we had known how big they were going to be! We totes could have shared. 

     We ate as much as we could until we were all sugared out, our tongues were frozen and our speech was slurred. Then we walked across the street to get some dollar fries for me and a dollar McChicken for Caleb. I think tomorrow I get to have a breakfast date with my dad. I have eaten so much in the past seven days, its ridic. 

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