December 13, 2010

I did it!

Okay, I finally gave in and created my own blog. 
Last night (and this morning) I was snowed in at my boo's house and as if a snow day today with no obligations wasn't good enough, Miles ended up not having to go in to work today (which is really a big deal, his company never cancels work and adds on Saturday work days to the end of every week)!! So here we are, I in my two day old clothes (serves me right for not changing yesterday, oops--it was cold!) since I didn't really plan on getting snowed in, and Miles watching all the new iTunes Beatles ads and being bummed because they all have the same picture sequences for each different song/ad. 

I have two finals tomorrow and I'm like, "eh, whatevs". I've worked my butt off this semester and am completely burnt out. My sister is flying in to Nashville from Chicago on Friday and then Saturday morning we will both leave to go be with the rest of our family!!


I can't wait to be here,
(December 2008)

and hang with these peeps.
(December 2009)

Too bad, this guy has to stay at home in Nashville.
(Cracker B)

When I come back we will have just 6 months (and 2 days) until our wedding!! July 2 is gonna be the BOMB DOT COM!

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