January 30, 2011


I feel like I have so many things to do...and that they all need to be done right this moment, when in reality I have until May-ish/end-of-June-ish to get most everything done. But still. Here is a little list (most for myself, as writing, and re-writing lists is a huge dorky comfort to me) along with some thoughts/emotions concerning the task:

Task: For the remainder of my 8 week online class--read a novel each week.
Thoughts: Absolutely no time to enjoy!

Task: For the remainder of my last semester--do all those assignments.
Thoughts: Over ittttt

Task: Clean out my closet--give to Goodwill
Thoughts: Didn't I just  do that? 

Task: Immediately leave the Goodwill area upon dropping off donations--do not go in to the store and repurchase the exact same amount of clothes to re-fill aforementioned closet
Thoughts: But I'm already going to be right there....

Task: Schedule a hair appointment
Thoughts: I'm kind of nervous to show up after all this time (literally months and months) and let my wonderful hair stylist see all these spit ends. Don't hate me, I'm too broke to get regular trims!!

Task: Carry out all of our wedding plans and actually book the honeymoon
Thoughts: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 

Task: Hang with the boo
Thoughts: Forevveerrrrrrr

Okay, task list writing in a public forum apparently only makes the overwhelmed feeling grow into being even bigger than it was before.

Note: Miles is hugely supportive of my student-hood and equally excited for it to be over. He always offers to help or encourages me through my melt downs--and believe you me, I have a mini-melt down every week or so throughout the semester. I freak, I close my eyes and say I can't do it, then I magically do it, peak through one eye just long enough to experience the last week of classes then sigh a breathe of relief and say "oh, that wasn't so bad". He's a good sport. This is the last time he'll have to deal with that cycle for a while. 

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