January 20, 2011


Last week my sister came to spend a few days with me in Nashville before she went back to her school in Chicago. She stayed in Honolulu a few weeks longer than I did, and then flew in to this:
And a few days later, we found these
 We went to the Frist Art Museum for the free admission day and tried to enjoy the Impressionist exhibit but it was suuuper crowded so we just ended up walking through all the rooms (almost) as quickly as possible. In one of the rooms I was looking at a text on my phone and I accidentally hit the camera button and the flash was on and it took a picture AND THEN an employee totally came up and told me "no pictures" which I knew! But I was completely mortified. When we got out of the exhibit I checked the picture and it was just of my finger. 
 The ticket line for the exhibit was all the way out the door, but it was a beautiful day and I loved the time we had to visit and people watch and enjoy our surroundings. We were next to Union Station Hotel, one of my favorite buildings downtown. Isn't it perfect?
I love my sister and I tried to get her to come to Nashville for school but alas, she chose Chicago. I'm so happy she loves it there.

On another note, a wedding note, I'm thinking of these ties for some of the groomsmen. I love the textures and I think the colors would be easy to work with. Bah! I don't know what to do with their stuff. 

 And whenever Miles and I are together I would just rather relax and watch a movie, and of course stuff my face.
(This particular meal consisted of PM's sushi and Stella Artois)(YERRRRMMMM)
(Also, note Miles' shirt. We love Always Sunny)

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