June 05, 2012

Birthday Boy

I know I gush about Miles more than anything else, but you'll have to bear with me today. 

26 years ago, a precious little boy came into this world--maybe a little too early for his little lungs' liking. After 3 weeks, his wee body had grown strong enough to come home. He grew up to play his toy guitar with his dad, love little league and pop warner football, saxophone it up in the band, give his mother grief with his dirt bike racing (and his wife, in retrospect), not walk at his high school graduation, be forced to walk at his college graduation, play his real guitar, buy more guitars, build guitars, marry a girl he met in Bible class, and become the most wonderful husband she could have ever wanted.

Boo, I love you so much. Like, so much. I know you don't like big deals made over your birthday, but I can't help how much I want to celebrate your life and who you are. And I also can't keep my birthday gift secrets very much longer, you better not have snooped--even in your mind (aka, no wondering). You are so amazing and I am so happy that our completely opposite lives came together and are now now together forevvaaaaa.

I also asked Miles' mom to write a little something for his birthday. Since she was there and all...and loved him first:

 We all have heard the saying, "a child is a gift from heaven".  Well, I truly do believe that small phrase is so true.  Miles was not only a gift but a miracle from heaven.      As I look back over the last 26 years, I am so thankful and blessed that the Lord entrusted this wonderful child, now man, to Frank and I.   He brought us both so much joy and laughter.  His dad was so proud when Miles decided to play in the band at school.  A chip off the ole' block!  Miles brought strength to me at a time when no 18 year old should have to shoulder such a burden. But he put his own feelings aside to be strong for his sister and I.  Proud yes, but more blessed everyday as I see him grow into the Godly man and husband he is called to be.

I hope you feel extra loved today, Miles. I've been walking around all morning with the dumbest grin on my face because I'm so happy you were born.

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  1. AW. this made me tear up. adorable. stop being the cutest couple that ever was, mkay guys?


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