June 12, 2012

Record Screech

You know...to a halt? The music is playing and everything is fine (or overwhelming) and then the record screeches and you're like, whaa? Thats me. Probably us, I just haven't spoken to busy, working Miles yet. Our closing date was pushed back a week, the night before we were scheduled to close. As in, last night. 

Its not really anyones fault, per say. We actually originally wanted to close next week, but the seller pushed for the 12th and we didn't really mind. But lo and behold, ya can't get everything mortgagey and appraisally done in 3 weeks! I've been super stressed about packing and having moving nightmares, and sad that we don't get to spend our last week before moving in our apartment (we're dog sitting in the burbs). And now...we'll have that last week in our apartment. Our completely packed apartment. Kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom, tv, clothes, internet. I guess I got what I wanted? Less stress, time at the apartment, one last week in Hillsboro Village, one last week walking everywhere...But I still feel a little sense of a wompwomp growing somewhere inside. We'll figure something out. Unpack a few pots and pans, two dishes, two glasses, and maybe the wireless router. We'll have a bigger paycheck under our belts (in our bank?) next week, so I probably won't have nightmares of the movers asking for $5,000 after they've finished their job. This will be good!! It was just unexpected. And very last minute. The lastest minute possible. But this will be good. I will make it so.

And thus, my mental transformation in a paragraph's time.
 image from this amazing blog

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