June 06, 2012


I don't know that I've ever been so excited for any birthday, ever. Everything awesome went on sale the week before (or the day of) Miles' birthday. So of course I snatched all that awesomeness up. His  eyes and mouth only grew wider with each new gift. I don't think I've ever taken such delight in someone else's elation. And now we get to watch all our tv shows, and get excited about road trips and Ryman nights together! 

A little explanation, only for thangs that need explainin': 
Boo is kind of a geek for planes and trains, so I decided to feed that geekness with twenty-one hours of documentary footage. Snoozefest. The poorly spray painted canvas was inspired by a late night in which I entered our bedroom where Miles was already fast asleep. As I approached the bed, Miles reached out, still dead asleep, and said, "Come here baby, everyone deserves a guitar solo". You better believe I had a silent laughing fit for a good 30 minutes after that. Thus the canvas for our new house, to be hung in his guitar room. And the zoo day is something Miles' has been bugging me for for ages now. I think everything else is kind of explanatory? 

Also, please excuse the half packed, messy apartment. Have I mentioned we're moving? 

We ate at PM with Miles' momma, and a precious little succulent. I'm real obsessed. I can't wait to have tons in our new house! I speak to them in baby voice. As if it wasn't bad enough that I feel compelled to speak to a plant, it has to be in baby voice. Come on, Bethany... The weather was incredible, and I loved sitting out on the patio. I ate way too many fries. We wondered why we try to eat sushi anywhere else. It was such a relaxing evening, a perfect way to end Boo's birthday. I'm excited to continue celebrations on Saturday! Even if its at the zoo and everything smells like poop.

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