June 25, 2012

Real Life

(I am really hoping these photos aren't as wonky as they look in my editing thing.) 

1. The last morning in our apartment. The last time I will look up to this old ceiling
2. Empty living room in the first place we called home.
3. New bedroom, bare walls
4. Our new way home
5. Deliciousness
6. Sink buddies

We haven't unpacked a lot of things at the house yet, since we don't officially own it yet. And I seem to have packed my camera cord somewhere that makes no sense at all, because I can't find it in any sensible boxes. It will take a while for us to find/make a place for everything, but I'll post pictures along the way--as soon as I find that cord!

Miles and I are so happy we hired movers to get all our stuff out of our apartment and into the house. We could never go back to moving everything ourselves again--it was amazing and well worth our money. Once we got everything in the house, the house actually seemed bigger. So far, everything we have fit perfectly. Our bedroom is so cozy and not at all cramped like we were worried it would be. I can't wait to start putting things on the walls and finding/making/buying new furniture for the house. We're planning a little Ikea trip this coming weekend as we head to Georgia for our mountainous getaway. That will be the first of many homey purchasing extravaganzas in the months to come, and I can't wait!! Miles has even taken a liking to The Container Store! Glory, hallelujah! Organizing gives me belly butterflies and I go nutso in that store. I think home ownership will suit us well. We'll finally have something we both love together to buy for! Now if only we could sign those danged closing papers already..

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