June 01, 2012


Y'all, I am so excited for Miles' birthday. I have the best (within reason) gift ever. I say within reason, because Boo always wants some expensive guitar or amp--and that ain't happenin'. Actually, it already did. He already got his new guitar. So there! Early birthday presents are good and then...not so good when your real bday rolls around and you don't get something amazing. EXCEPT FOR THIS YEAR. 

Now that I've said all this, I will die if he figures it out before Tuesday. So Miles, please don't figure it out. Don't look at anything, anywhere. Not the bank account, not on my computer,  or email, or phone. Don't snoop in the apartment, don't look in my car, don't check the mail. Nothing. I feel like these should be the new birthday/Christmas rules for our family. So now they are. Love youuuu!

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