October 09, 2011

Mini-golf and Tea Parties

I bought a Groupon for mini-golf and go-karting a while back but we only got around to using it yesterday. Well, half of it at least. The go-kart track was shut down for repairs and I tried not to be too upset since thats really all I had wanted to do out of the two activities. But we still had so much fun playing our round of mini-golf. It took me fifteen swings on the first hole, but after that I wasn't too shabby--I was the only one to get a hole in one! And Miles was sweet enough to gracefully give me a score of just five for that first hole embarrassment. 

Yesterday was almost a perfect day. Miles made us a beautiful breakfast with syrup that has changed my life, the weather was amazing, mini-golf was so enjoyable, our go-kart tickets are good for a year...Our weekly grocery shopping trip was one of the most fun we've ever had-and really, there wasn't anything that was all that different about this particular trip. We were just in wonderful moods, Kroger played all my jams, Miles only stood five-feet away from me as I sang loudly along to Groby (I can't find a post to link to, but we all know how much I love unexpected Josh Groban songs), Lara Fabian and LFO, as opposed to heading to the opposite end of the store and pretending like he isn't married to me. 

However, we went to a "rally" that was supposed to be in support of Miles' company, which is tied up in a confusing customs/wildlife/state politics thing. As Miles put it, we were going so that he could "shake babies and kiss hands" (joke?) with all the right people. But soon after we got there we realized that it was  really just a big ole Tea Party rally. I went from the emotional equivalent of eye rolling, to the emotional equivalent of "oh, dear God", then to the emotional equivalent of feeling every possible negative emotion at once, resulting in tears and sobbing on my part. Stupid t-shirts and obscenely large American flags being waved around is one thing, but the crowds of people cheering at a song with the bottom-line of "when you're in my country, you'd better speak my language" and general rhetoric along the lines of God giving America to white people, is something entirely too much for me.

Needless to say, we left. Miles incredibly mad, but totally level headed, whilst I am bawling my eyes out and the opposite of level headed (in those moments, is it a good thing or a bad thing that I am terrified of confrontation). I mean, how is that real life? I'm still processing everything that happened during the short time we were there. But I know that somehow it has changed and inspired me in a way that reading about/watching on television/hearing on the radio these rallies and ideals could have never changed me. Which I guess made yesterday still a pretty good day. Just not as I would have planned it to be.  

All that to say, here are some pictures from our day. The fun parts. 
Impression of PGA golfers
I know it looks like it, but I didn't make that putt..

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