October 26, 2011

..Doing what?

I feel like we've been super busy the past few weeks, but I can't actually think of what we've been busy doing..Definitely not capturing any of those busy moments with my phone. Looking through them, I've even cut back on taking baby pictures. Whaaa? So here is what I've been doing lately, according to my phone. Its pretty accurate, I suppose. 

November is so soon. November is the best. This November I turn 23, and a week after that, I get to celebrate Thanksgiving with some of the people I love most in the whole world (and miss my parents at the same time) 
Also in November, we can finally use this Groupon I bought in September  not realizing that I had to select a specific month in which the Groupon could be used (and apparently selected November). Food! Yay!

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