October 03, 2011

I Like These Things (Ahem, Miles)

I am never stumped when it comes to getting Miles a gift--at least I haven't been yet (knock on wood). Get something to do with guitars, or amps, or vinyl, or a western button up, or anything denim. The real gift with denim, is letting him wear every piece at once. As in jeans, button up & jacket. Those days are rare and therefore "special". But I like to believe that he enjoys them that much more because of it. 
But gift buying for me...I can see how it would be a teensy bit hard. So now that it is the month before my birthday (a fact that is blowing my mind), I will begin compiling a list of things to make birthday & Christmas shopping just a 'lil easier. Miles, I was about to type "take notes", but you don't really have to since you can just have this as your reference. 

1. A go-kart date 
2. A Smiling Elephant dinner
3. Sun Garden Riesling
4. A Christmas tree
5. A Christmas tree decorating evening, complete with eggnog, Elf and paper snowflakes
6. Finish the Hunger Games trilogy and quit pretending that you don't like it
7. A night at a fancy Chicago hotel for our February trip
8. A strawberry shortcake cupcake from Gigi's
9. General fuss-making over my 23rd.
10. This print, along with several others from this Etsy shop.

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