September 29, 2011


This week has been a tad bit trying with the nanny baby. Poor thing has a stopped up nose and can't sleep well because of it. Her naps have been all over the place and now that the week is almost over, I can feel it taking a toll on my brain. Apparently she sleeps just fine during the night, probably because she is not sleeping at all when I'm here during the day. Her frustrated cries officially give me frustrated headaches. 

I am in definite need of the weekend. Normally I'm pretty whatevs in my feelings toward "needing" a break. I'm just a nanny, I know this. But this weekend couldn't come sooner. Hallelujer. After spending an obscene amount of money on tires yesterday (and being told more work would have to eventually done on my piece of crap car), Miles trying to throw a "let buy a house when our lease is up" on me the other day, a two-year old baby eye poker on Tuesday and a sick little one all week, bring on the weekend.  And I'm not making any plans either. I found a Target gift card the other day and bought Bridesmaids with it and intend to watch it at least twice. We've also had Thor sitting in its unopened Netflix envelope for a few weeks. So couch potato weekend it is. I also need to psych myself up do start a Master Cleanse on Monday. I'm scared I'll starve. But I want to do it so bad!

Also, I would like a couch like this
To be a potato on. (Ikea, please come to Nashy)

Side confession: I am so tempted to purchase every single haunted house related Groupon that I get in my email. Miles, pleeeeeeaasseee go with me this year?

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