September 14, 2011

Oh, Life

I obviously haven't posted very much lately. I spend my days watching a chunky, adorable, goofy, cheese-ball baby girl (happy five month birthday sweetthaaang). She has just discovered her toes as her new favorite thing to stick in her mouth and slobber all over. My phone is completely full of pictures of this baby, and hardly any of my own boo. Oops? He's still around. But this baby has been the cure for my own baby fever that I was afraid would take over after the wedding. Hurray!! (the long labor day weekend was rough...and I'm wondering how I will handle withdrawals over the holiday season) I've decided not to post pictures of the little one out of respect for her parents. I mean, if I can ever afford to have a nanny for my babes and blogging is still something at that point in time, I would hope they would do the same. But man oh man, is she too adorable. You would die. 

So my life revolving around this baby has been a drastic change from anything else I've ever known. I wear pretty much the same five outfits during the week (mostly leggings and baggy shirts), no make-up  whatsoever during the week (when I wouldn't have been caught dead without it 4 months ago). I take walks with the babe, but rarely take her out in public--its too dang hard! Her stroller is ginormous and I get nasty looks wherever I go with it (okay, just at a cramped Moe's during a busy lunch hour), her car seat leaves red pinch marks on my arm, I'm terrified of her crying, what if she poops out of her diaper? Its just not worth it.  So we sit at home or go to the park. I am still watching way too much television. Currently, I am completely mesmerized by Mel B's accent while watching her reality show. Its so...I can' to describe...?

I had my first ever pumpkin spiced latte today (thats another thing, I never take the babe to my fave local coffee shop because that means I have to get her out of the car...hello, drive-thru!) My experience with the pumpkin spiced latte was as follows:
First sip: oh my goodness, this is incredible.
Second sip: this is pretty good. why haven't I tried this before?
Third sip: wow...this is.....really sweet.
Fourth sip: sugar coma.
And that was the end of my first (and last fa-shooo) with the pumpkin spiced latte.

It was way too hard for me to focus for the 5 minute drive back to the babe's house. When we finally got there I had to shove a handful of Pringles in to my mouth to counter my sugar intake and continue on with my nanny duties. 

Speaking of nanny duties...the babe looks like she's overdue for a cuddle.

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