September 27, 2011


I was 9 when Titanic came out and was not allowed to watch it. I don't remember when I ended up seeing it for the first time, but it was definitely several years later. And I remember thinking, oh, thats sad...but not a lot else. Nerd note: as a kid, I was obsessed with the actual historical Titanic events. Had all those huge illustrated books and knew all the facts my little child brain could absorb. I thought it was the-coolest-thing-EVAR that they had actually found the sunken remains of the ship. So as a young'un, I stuck with the facts and was completely satisfied. But as I have grown older, I have become a complete sucker for all things romantic. 

Titanic has been on every afternoon for the past 3 weekdays of my nannydom. And I have watched it every single one of those afternoons. It was on this morning (is on right this very moment), but Tuesdays are my + 1 two-year old days so we're watching Sprout tv instead. The first day Titanic came on I was flipping back and forth between channels, so didn't see the whole thing. The second day I kept it on the whole movie but was pretty preoccupied with the baby. But yesterday the babe was sick-ish and super cuddly and actually pretty chill so we watched the whole movie. This morning when I saw that it was on again I watched about 5 minutes before my two-year old came and loved/was embarrassed by the sense of something so familiar. So yes. Titanic is my 14-years late, current guilty pleasure. The combination of Jack, Rose, the fictional Titanic story lines and then remembering all my nerd facts from childhood has turned out to be quite captivating. 

And the fact that Kate and Leo are besties in real life now makes me love it more. I wouldn't mind being best friends with Leo at all. 

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  1. mmmm. that's a sexy picture. makes me want to watch Titanic again. =)


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